hyperlinks in printed WORD docs: aftershocks

Subject: hyperlinks in printed WORD docs: aftershocks
From: "Benzi Schreiber" <benzi -at- tradeum -dot- com>
To: "techwhirl" <TECHWR-L -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 12:44:02 +0200

And I thought I had it licked....

The solution described below works in some documents, but not in others. In
some of my docs, setting the field shading to "Always" has no effect; you
see no shading.

Anyone ideas why not?

(Why should life be simple? :-)) )



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From: Benzi Schreiber <benzi -at- tradeum -dot- com>
To: techwhirl <TECHWR-L -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM>
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 12:48 PM
Subject: SUMMARY: hyperlinks in printed WORD docs

> Thanks everyone for all the responses. Seems I'm not the only one around
> wants the hyperlinks to show up on screen but not in print.
> Most people suggested formats that would reduce the irritation of seeing
> hyperlinks in print; on the other hand, there was one person who said that
> her reviewers *want* to see the hyperlinks in the printed doc. Go figure.
> guess it would be nice to touch a hyperlink on a page and to be sent to
> referenced location; I suppose that's something for the *next* millenium!
> :-))
> The solution I'm implementing (unless someone can tell me why not!) is the
> one suggested by Birgit, my editor:
> >> It's a View setting. Go to
> Tools>Options. At the bottom right of the top third of the dialog box is a
> field called Field shading. There are three settings choices. Select
> which means that the
> hyperlinks have these gray shaded boxes around them, indicating them as
> hyperlinks. And here's the snazzy part: the gray doesn't print. This means
> that you wouldn't have to deal with changing the font color. Aren't those
> gray boxes neat :-)) (I didn't know how to show tongue-in-cheek) <<
> Thanks Birgit!
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