Re: Vugraph? Viewgraph?

Subject: Re: Vugraph? Viewgraph?
From: Thom Randolph <thom -at- halcyon -dot- com>
To: "Halter, Meg" <HalterMC -at- navair -dot- navy -dot- mil>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 23:51:29 -0800


If you mean the clear plastic sheets on which text and
images are printed, and which text and images are
projected onto a semi-reflective viewing screen by means
of light transmitted through the plastic sheet while the
sheet is positioned on a (usually) horizontal glass
or plastic panel....

The machine is properly referred to as an "overhead
projector", and the sheets used to carry the text and
images are called "transparencies". One is called a
"transparency". The transparent plastic is available
in rolls for properly equipped projectors, or in sheets
with or without cardboard frames.

The term "viewgraph" is sometimes used to mean such a
transparency. I try to avoid using it, since when someone
goes out to purchase blank transparency film, they will
not find it under viewgraph. does have
a definition for the word, from WordNet, but none of
the unabridged dictionaries I have include it.

I've also seen the sheets referred to as "viewgraphs",
"Vue-graphs", "Vu-graphs", "overheads", and "foils".

I have always found the term viewgraph to be confusing,
especially when I've had to train non-English students.
Of course they're supposed to "view" it, but there's not
always a "graph" on it, strictly speaking. On the other
hand, many more people are likely understand what a
projector is, and can by extension understand what an
overhead projector is. Thus, the clear sheets used with
one are easily understood as "overhead projector transparency
sheets", or just "transparencies" for short.

I hope that helps.


Thom Randolph
thom -at- halcyon -dot- com

At 03:54 PM 1/12/00 -0800, you wrote:

Hello all --

I'm putting a presentation together and in it I refer to the preceding
"vugraph". Is it "vugraph" or "viewgraph" or something else? I can't find it
in any of the many on and off line dictionaries I consulted.

I'm attempting to stick to standard English, because many of the attendees
are not native English speakers.

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