Marching T...

Subject: Marching T...
From: "Joe" <jsokohl -at- eudoramail -dot- com>
To: kathy10th -at- aol -dot- com
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2000 23:52:56 -0800

Hi Kathy,
Hope this isn't too late an opinion to help (my digest containing your post just arrived!).
My recommendation: "Marching T" is actually great! Think about "marching ants"--fairly arbitrary terminology but, in the graphics world to whom it was targeted, the term works. All you have to do is define it the first time, index it both under M and T, and be done.
Of course, the other issue is internationalization--but that means you need to affect the interaction design so that the program doesn't use a letter but instead uses a different animation...some other progress indicator that isn't language-specific.I suppose that's a different fight altoghether. Still, make sure you at least bring up the issue if no one else has..sorta like, "Y'know, Jill (or whoever the project mgr. is), if we ever wanna sell this in Germany, that T and R thing has gotta be reprogrammed. Just need to make sure we reestimate when we do that project...."
Take care, and good luck marching!
Joe Sokohl
Human-computer Interaction
Icon Medialab

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