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Subject: Word numbering Question

>OK, I know there are known autonumbering problems in Word 97, but . . .
>For those who use both Word and FrameMaker, I'm trying to create a pair of
>styles in Word 97 that function like the numbering of FrameMaker paragraph
>I've created an N1 style which always displays "Step 1" as an autonumber.
>My N+ style displays "Step 2" and higher, incremental by one.
>Now, how do I make the N+ style revert to Step 2 (restart) after each
>instance of an N1 paragraph?
>Tristan Bishop
>Clarity Consulting

I use two Fields, AutoText, and AutoCorrect, in that order.

Field 1 = [Seq <Give it a name> r\1 \*MERGEFORMAT]
Field 2 = [Seq <Give it a name> \n \*MERGEFORMAT]

(Click Insert > Field -- I haven't provided all the details, but I think the
dialog box is pretty intuitive. You want your fields to look like the two
bracketed lines above.)

Then I make AutoText of each number, which is the equivalent of making a
style. I have a Num style that provides the paragraph formatting that
accepts the AutoText perfectly.

Then, after I have made the AutoText (so that I can click a toolbar button
called List to get the first list number and I can click a toolbar button
called Next to get all subsequent numbers), I make an AutoCorrect entry and
assign "li" to List and "lk" to Next. Now one can type "li" and get a 1 and
a period. Make sure you include the period when you make the AutoText so
that AutoCorrect will have the period.
For the second item and all subsequent items, one can type "lk". With the
paragraph style selected, you still have to use a TAB after the "li" or
"lk", though.

If the order of your list changes, all you need to do is update the fields
and they snap right into place.

Bonnie Granat

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