Re: How would you pronounce this word...? (no, it's not in a dictionary)

Subject: Re: How would you pronounce this word...? (no, it's not in a dictionary)
From: Jeyen Chevenga Barham-Kaiel <jeyen -at- bigfoot -dot- com>
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Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 10:01:48 -0800

More on this one:

I was going to disagree that the default English pronunciation would be
PAH-see-an (where "a" is pronounced as in farm). Most English words are
accented on the next to last syllable, not the third to last. Thus, if
it's a three syllable word, the pronunciation would be pah-SAY-an.
However, after doing some digging in the dictionary, I realized that
words that end in on, not in ion, usually have the emphasis on the third
to last syllable. I'm sure there's some etymological reason for it, and
if you know it, I'd love to hear it.

That said, I would still pronounce the word pah-SAY-an, because I think
it sounds better. Unless I'm in Spanish mode, in which case I would
pronounce it pah-say-OWN.

And then there's the issue of what's being emphasized: If it's the pace
part, then the word should be two syllables, as in PAYSE-on. It should
also either be two words or have the O in on capitalized. Otherwise, the
pace part can't be visually distinguished.

I don't like the pronunciation PAYSE-ee-an at all. It grates on the ear.

Subject: Re: OT: How would you pronounce this word...? (no, it's not in
a dictionary)
From: "Dick Margulis" <margulis -at- mail -dot- fiam -dot- net>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 100 15:24:12 -0500
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Believe it or not, there are rules about this. And I don't mean Eric's
rules about off-topic posts. <g> I mean rules about how English-speaking
people pronounce a new word upon first encountering it in writing.

In this case, the default American pronunciation is PA-see-an (where "a"
is pronounced as in farm.

If you were to intercap it as "PaceOn" or "PaceON," of course, the
default pronunciation would change to PA-san (in both cases).

I suspect the results would be similar if not identical in other parts
of the English-speaking world. Perhaps others can comment on how the
name might be pronounced by native speakers of some other languages.



Rene Stephenson wrote:

>Hi All!

I'm in a start-up company that's branching off from a large,
international corporation. The new company name is Paceon.

So how would you pronounce "Paceon?" When you see the name in print, how
do you think it's pronounced?

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