RE: Polite international e-mail

Subject: RE: Polite international e-mail
From: Kevin McLauchlan <KMcLauchlan -at- chrysalis-its -dot- com>
To: "'Chris Kowalchuk'" <chris -at- bdk -dot- net>, Kevin McLauchlan <KMcLauchlan -at- chrysalis-its -dot- com>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 17:34:29 -0500

Well, ackshully...

Since Chris K. DID receive proper accented characters,
is there anybody on the list who DID NOT? That would
be significant, and apropos.

I was nudged into making my query when my wife sent
the same characters to me from her office, where
they use Lotus Notes for e-mail. In my Outlook,
with exactly the same settings that I used to send
to you folks, I received HER text with question marks
in place of all the accented characters (e-accent-aigu,
e-accent-grave, e-circumflex, plus c-cedille and
a's with accents).
It happens that she uses French-Canadian keyboard.
I use US-English, if that matters. She types her
accented characters directly. I use [Alt]-130, etc.

She corresponds frequently with her mother, and
reports accented-character problems. Her Mom is
a translator, and may soon be doing some work for
my company. While I'm not fluent, I can certainly
read her French and recognize where accents are
supposed to be, but if Mom-in-Law does a bunch of
pages, I really don't want to spend a lot of time
re-inserting accented characters when I pull her
Word text into Frame. Similarly, if we pass small
chunks back and forth during e-mail discussions,
I'd rather avoid problems where I can, and similarly
again, when we start dealing with Spanish and
German translation, I'd like to know what to
anticipate and how best to get along with those folk.

So again, I certainly know how to put my lips
together and blow accents (western, anyway), but
I'm rarely confident that the recipient gets 'em
as I thought I sent 'em, or that I'll get 'em
back the way the other party intends to send...
if you see what I mean.

Thanks for your interest. It all helps to flesh
out the picture.

I'll look into that document that Sandy mentioned,
but I'm looking to be a follower, not a leader in
this context (i.e., not much chance of me evangelizing
for some standard or other).

Regards to all,


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