Re: Working for a liar

Subject: Re: Working for a liar
From: Jo Baer <jbaer -at- mailbox1 -dot- tcfbank -dot- com>
To: Scottie Lover <iluvscotties -at- mindspring -dot- com>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 13:13:25 -0600

Quit or get transferred to a different boss as soon as humanly possible.
Bosses who lie consistently are trying to be "teflon" bosses--nothing
*ever* sticks to them. Some day, sooner or later, something will go so
wrong that someone must be fired, or at the very least severely
disciplined. This isn't going to be the teflon boss who directed you to
proceed despite all warnings. It's going to be you. In the meantime,
take all of the documentation suggestions given. Being able to produce
even a personal notebook recording date, time, subject matter, boss
said/I said, etc. will give you a certain credibility.

Scottie Lover wrote:
> One thing I should have added to my inquiry (which is repeated below):
> Each of the two liars flatly refused to sign or initial anything, and
> forbid employees from circulating memoranda.
> I'm still worried about getting another boss like that, who gives
> directions I *KNOW* are wrong, flatly refuses to even listen to why they're
> not feasible, and also refuses to either confirm anything in writing or to
> allow memoranda to be sent -- and then denies have given the poor
> instructions, insisting that he'd asked for the opposite to be done.
> (The only viable option would be that of a hidden tape recorder -- but that
> would make me appear untrustworthy, and a dishonest boss would find some
> way t fire me before I could do it again.)
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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