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Subject: Re: Resizing graphics
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Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 12:25:41 -0800

Thank you to the many people who responded to me about resizing graphics. It
sounds as if I'm out of luck if I want to resize the whole screen and keep
it clear for on-screen viewing.

However, what I will do is take a look at my captures and ensure I'm only
capturing what I need to capture. I think it's the best solution for me.

Thanks again,

<sdeichmann -at- voicemobility -dot- com> wrote in message news:38076 -at- techwr-l -dot- -dot- -dot-
> I am having a problem that does not appear to be unusual. I'm trying to
> create screen captures for the user guide I am writing, and I'm having
> trouble with the clarity of the captures when I resize them to fit in the
> document. I have searched the archives for this problem and found several
> emails dealing with it, however I've tried the suggestions and haven't had
> much success.
> I'm using Word, and I'm taking the screen captures with SnagIt and then
> pasting them into Paint Shop Pro to resize and touch them up. Resizing
> (shrinking) in PSP and Word produces the same blurry results. I tried
> the Sharpen filter in PSP and it doesn't help.
> I've also tried the following:
> 1 - Create the screen captures as WMFs instead of BMPs. Still blurry when
> resize.
> 2 - Copy the screen captures into Paint, then into Word as BMPs, again
> blurry.
> One of the suggestions in the archives was to not take the whole screen
> capture, just take what is needed. In many cases I will be able to do
> but there are at least two screens where I take a large area that will
> resizing in the doc.
> I did a search on the Web and found a product called Smooth Scaling that
> appears to do exactly what I want, but I don't see a demo version
> I'd prefer to evaluate the software before purchasing it. Does anyone use
> this s/w? It's produced by WexTech (
> In short, has any one figured out a way around this, either through a s/w
> solution or otherwise? It was never an issue for me before because I
> produced printed docs (and the resized docs printed correctly). This is
> first time the doc will be available electronically.
> Thanks in advance for your help...
> Sue Deichmann
> Technical Writer, Voice Mobility Inc.

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