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Subject: Re: MS Word Master Document
From: Sybille Sterk <sybille -at- wowfabgroovy -dot- net>
To: Andriene Ferguson <Andriene -dot- Ferguson -at- concisetech -dot- com>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 09:16:37 +0000

I've been having the same problem a few years back.

I decided to break up the large document into smaller files (usually chapters). To create the Index and TOC I am using the RD fields, which works pretty well. However, this method has certain draw backs as the page numbering has to be adjusted manually and every time you update the index the correct page numbers have to be added again. BUT it seemed the much easier option compared to using Word's master document feature, which at that time didn't work most of the time without screwing up something. One other disadvantage is that you can't use the RD field to put page references to other files, e.g. if you want to refer to a particular topic in another file. This either has to be done manually or not at all.

My colleague, whose files have been smaller than mine so far just has one single large document (up to 200 pages) and that seems to work equally well. She doesn't have problems as page numbering or page references.

My colleague is using Word 97 and Windows 95, I am using Word 2000 and Windows 98.

Hope this helps,


At 16:07 15/03/00 , you wrote:

I have a 300 page manual to update. The manual was created in MS Word as a
Master doc. I am trying to decide whether to keep it as a master doc or to
convert it to one word doc. I know Word does not handle large documents
well, but if I link all the graphics I think it should be okay. I have never
worked with Word's master doc feature, but I have heard horrible things
about it.

Wondering what to do.....

Sybille Sterk
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