Re: Plagiarism vs Fixed Botches

Subject: Re: Plagiarism vs Fixed Botches
From: Jo Francis Byrd <jbyrd -at- byrdwrites -dot- com>
To: Anthony Markatos <tonymar -at- hotmail -dot- com>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 13:45:16 -0600

Amen, Tony!

Been there, done that! I once rescued a badly designed help system - thank God
for cut and paste, I had two weeks! Had to recreate the blasted thing from
scratch. And six months later, I had to do it again! She'd blotched it up so
much I couldn't salvage it, had to redo it (by then she was no longer with that
company). Some people just shouldn't do some things.

Cleaning up someone's mess....succeeding in creating a silk purse out of that
pig's ear is rewarding, but frustrating and stressful - especially if, as is so
often the case, you are up against an impossible deadline.

Jo Byrd

Anthony Markatos wrote:

> ...I have, more than once, been given an assignment that was "98% percent
> done". These
> were probably the most difficult assignments I have ever had.
> Truth be told, NOBODY ever completes 98% percent of a project (or any other
> high percentage) and then stops. (Note: I'm talking about content creation,
> not minor editing or formating.) If a person is proud of their work and is
> 98% done, he/she really wants to complete the project.
> Reality is "It's 98% done" projects are botched projects - particuarly,
> botched organization. And, almost without exception, they are badly botched
> projects. Completing that last "2%" is immesurably hard - harder than
> starting from scratch! And the person who is able to save a mess deserves the
> major credit - irregardless if he/she cuts & pastes a significant amount of
> existing text.

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