Re: my pdf graphics really bite (pls help)

Subject: Re: my pdf graphics really bite (pls help)
From: "Terry Barron" <tbarron -at- systems -dot- dhl -dot- com>
To: Ron Rhodes <RRhodes -at- fourthchannel -dot- com>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 14:49:27 -0800

Ron Rhodes wrote:
> I am creating a pdf from an existing user manual. I am using Acrobat
> Distiller 3.01 and I cannot seem to produce good quality graphics when I
> generate the PDF. I have tried, JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF. I snap screens
> with the ALT+PrntScreen function and then I crop and save them in PhotoShop.
> I am using Microsoft Word as my document authoring tool
> Has anybody learned a few cool tricks?

The Adobe User to User Forum frequently gets messages about this
Playing with the compression settings for Distiller sometimes
works, but not always. Here are two alternatives that address
that problem.

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From: Tom Geschwender - 02:17pm Feb 18, 2000 Pacific (#1 of 2)
Edited: 18-Feb-2000 at 02:18pm PST

First of all, quit using PDFWriter. It is fine for text, but
graphics make it regurgitate (vomit, puke, throw up). Always use
distiller for printing graphics to PDF.

Second, it order to get your graphics to stop pixelating, you
need to convert them from raster to vector. I have written a
disertation on performing this task using CorelDraw. If you are
please visit my virtual office at:
click on the Out Basket button, and download the most
appropriately named Great Graphics folder.

NOTE: This is my procedure for converting raster graphics into
vector graphics to present a smoother looking graphic when
creating PDF files. This is the way I do it. I have been doing
it this way for
years and I, and my clients, are completely happy with it. You
can spend about 2 minutes converting your raster graphic to
vector, or you can spend hours, or maybe days, adjusting and
readjusting your compression settings trying to get the perfect

If you do not like it, or you think it's too much work, or you
think it takes too much time, or you're not ready to spend money
on additional software, I really don't want to hear about it.
Don't do it this
way. You won't hurt my feelings.

#2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
From: Mark Russell - 04:54pm Feb 21, 2000 Pacific (#2 of 2)

If you are using Acrobat 3.01, Adobe has a patch that should
improve how bitmaps look when printed. I had the same problem
(blocky, grainy screen captures when creating a PDF from Word),
but installing the patch seemed to solve the problem. You might
give it a try.

go to:

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Terry Barron
DHL Systems, Inc.
tbarron -at- systems -dot- dhl -dot- com

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