Re: Request for Resume samples and Writing samples

Subject: Re: Request for Resume samples and Writing samples
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Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 18:52:06 -0700

I see a difference between sending someone copies of your writings and
providing samples or specific direction on how to locate samples. I took
issue not so much with the content of the response as with the tone. As I
indicated privately to the responder, responding sarcastically or
unprofessionally won't make the original requester become a better person
(nor a more ethical person, for that matter). But treating all people--good
and bad (if there really is such a thing)--and their requests, whether borne
of good will, malice, or ignorance, with respect and professionalism feels
like a pretty good approach to me. Thanks for caring enough to reply.

Take care,

Pat Warriner DeWeese

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Subject: Re: Request for Resume samples and Writing samples

> >I think this kind of flippant reply to someone seeking answers is
> for. What's wrong with helping a person >breaking into the field feel
> confident in the material they DO have to present? Instead of thinly
> disguised >assumptions of unethical intentions, why not remain silent if
> you can't offer positive feedback? Why would new >subscribers or new TWs
> want to seek advice from a professional list such as this if members
> respond so >unprofessionally?
> While the answers given may have been flippant, I don't think they were
> that uncalled for. I, too, was suspicious when I read the original post
> requesting writing samples. What good are samples written by a stranger?
> If someone really wants to learn how to write well, create good samples,
> build a fabulous portfolio, then that person should (as has been
> go out and get some experience, even if he/she has to volunteer at first.
> He/she could go to the local college and talk with an English professor
> would probably be able to give some good advice. (As an aside, the
> original poster was not asking for advice, he/she was asking for people to
> send him/her writing samples - there's a big difference.) I imagine
> everyone on this list got their start in some way other than requesting
> writing samples from established writers.
> If you are interested in helping this person, why don't *you* send some
> *your* writing?

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