Re: Word Document Confidentiality

Subject: Re: Word Document Confidentiality
From: Max Wyss <prodok -at- prodok -dot- ch>
To: Emily Cotlier <Emily_Cotlier -at- cardlink -dot- co -dot- nz>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 23:05:18 +0200


just from a hard-core PDF evangelist <g>: Just continue as is and let them
run into more embarassment. That should cure them <nasty grin>.

One thing you might do is save the document under a different name, and
even maybe in a format which does not support the revision history (such as
RTF or a very old Word version), and then change it back to the current

Another thing to keep in mind with Word documents: they have some
reputation of being ideal carriers for all kind of viruses, particularly if
they contain macros.

So, PDF is the far superior distribution format (you know that, I know
that, we all know that ... now we just have to convince the suits ...).

Hope, this can help.

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Where I work, we prepare documents in MS Word 2000. Recently, we sent a
document on CD-ROM to a client. (Conversation with boss; "Are you SURE you
don't want this as PDF?" Boss; "I'd rather send it in Word.") So, in
read-only format, with all the Track Changes functions turned off, off this
document went.

When our client got it, they opened it--and saw the change history, what it
had said before we customised it for them, queries to developers, et cetera.
Horrors, recriminations, etc. I tried to turn on the Track Changes again for
the original document, but this revealed nothing.

My question is: How can I save a Word document so that the Track Changes
history cannot be turned on again? And are there any other hints for
maintaining Word document confidentiality? I know, putting it in a PDF is
the best read-only option, but I work with many people who have a strong
preference for Word documents.

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