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Subject: RE: Re. Tools: Word/Weird?
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Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 15:54:05 -0700

I wish life were so easy,,, that we could use any ol' tools we like. Just
ain't so.

Here in the corporate world ALL tools, what types of files we deal in and
deliver, how we send stuff to print, are mandated. We cannot deviate -- no
matter what argument might support other tools. Sure, I can use any text
editor I like [yay NoteTab Pro!], since those files are used "behind the
scenes" -- but even then I'm asked "what's this weird icon?" on a file that
I created in NoteTab and forwarded to somebody. All deviations vill be
noticed und logged!

I might build a business case for trying FrameMaker because of its
advantages, but any such moves or conversions take a long time to prepare
and persuade, as they impact many people in any mid- or even small-sized

Hey, I used Wordperfect for years, knew every keystroke combo -- wish I
still could reap that tiny advantage, but WP is "history" in corporate
America. I don't say I like it, it's simply so. M$ Word can be relied on to
smoke a file every so often, even if you avoid the obvious no-no's. Another
fact of life,,,

I keep up with Corel/WP products for my own edification, but I can't use 'em
at work -- workplace life is not about freedom. If you're an independent,
you may have some latitude, but even when freelancing I always dealt in the
files the clients wanted for ease of file sharing, delivery, font
compatibilities, etc.

Man, I *really* liked VolksWriter [now I'm dating myself], since it
exploited the keyboard layout [the *first* IBM PC keyboard, that is, with
function keys on the left] so beautifully. Alt, Ctrl & Shift combos were
never so swift as in VW Deluxe. but it too is long gone.

Maybe we can look forward to Word's eventual demise, after something far
better replaces it?!
here's hopin' ...

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> > Kari Kristine Gulbrandsen wondered <<why does everybody hate Word?
> Granted,
> > I have run into some problems with it-- but nothing that I couldn't work
> > around or do differently.>>
> I'm baffled by your posting. It is logically inconsistent to say Word is
> a fine tool for writing, but if you use it you will encounter glitches
> and frustrations. Have you tried WordPerfect? <snipt>

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