Client from Hell redux

Subject: Client from Hell redux
From: KMcLauchlan -at- chrysalis-its -dot- com
To: techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 09:57:05 -0400

Tracy B sez:
> Yeah, and the highway patrol doesn't notice when I drive 6
> miles above the
> speed limit. That doesn't give me the right to do it.

Of course it does.

> And if/when I get caught,
> trying to use "It helped me do what I needed to do faster and
> I didn't think
> you'd notice or care" as a defense isn't going to hold water,
> is it?


> (Yes, I
> still do it knowing it's wrong, but I don't pretend it's my
> God-given right,
> and that's the difference between me and Andy P.)

Well, Andy P. would probably not be hypocritical. You'd
both do it (exceeding the posted speed limit, if the
situation seemed to warrant it), but Andrew probably
realizes that's not inherently wrong, in any moral sense.
It's against the wishes of a local monopolist, and they'll
hurt you if they catch you, but that doesn't make it
wrong. Speed limits are arbitrary. The only inherent
wrongness in arbitrariness is in enforcing it, not in
disobeying it.

Bringing this back to TW ethics, if that company was so
hilariously lax that they left their server room unsecured
AND they left their servers without passwords, then it's
hard to imagine them noticing - or caring if they did
notice --that Andrew made himself at home. They probably
didn't even HAVE an explicit, posted rule against his action.
If he didn't sign a contract about it, then it isn't breach
of contract. Andrew is -- brazenly and overbearingly,
perhaps -- doing the job they hired him for, despite
shortcomings in THEIR performance.

Before anybody knee-jerks, please note that I recognize
a distinction between that situation and one where Andrew
might have done the company actual harm. He didn't, so
that's a non-issue. If they'd wanted him to stay out,
they'd have posted a sign or taken the most elementary of
security precautions -- passwords on the servers.

Hell, we're a small, young company but our servers are
kept in a locked room, protected by card-swipe AND keypad
doorlock, and the servers all have passwords that are
carefully protected, and the servers themselves live
within a locked metal cage that's bolted to the floor.
Our premises have door, window and heat/motion detection
security, and the server room has additional safeguards,
beyond those. The fact that Andrew COULD just waltz in
and do what he did, told him all he needed to know about
what was important to that client company.

If I could afford him, I'd hire him. :-)


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