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At 02:51 PM 6/30/00 -0700, Andrew Plato wrote:

If all recruiters are "the scum of the earth" why do you continue to use them?

Well, I think most politicians are the scum of the earth and I use policemen selected by the elected government when I need them because I'm a small, busy person and don't have the wherewithal to singlehandedly haul criminals off to jail. We can't all lead the lives of philosophers, Mr. Plato.

If a client mandates you to use a recruiter/agency - walk away from the deal.
Work with only clients who will contract you directly.

If there weren't so many who refuse to contract with me directly, I surely would. The NWU is working to make it so fewer of them refuse to contract with writing contractors directly. This is a good thing.

You can't have everything. If you think all recruiters are scum, then don't use them. How would you like it if your employer walked in and said to you everyday "you're a horrible, worthless pile of crap, but I'll keep you here for a little while because I have no other choice." You wouldn't be very thrilled to help them out.

...How exactly ARE these guys helping ME out? Seems to me they are using ME to get money while benefiting me NOT AT ALL.

... Don't use the services of a recruiter if you are not willing to pay
for that service (in some form).

I DON'T use the SERVICES of recruiters. I find the jobs; I interview for the jobs; I do the work. It's the large companies who insist that I sign a contract with the recruiter. And, woe betide me if I question even ONE WORD of the recruiter's contract. "Well our CLIENT requires this...."

...If you let people take advantage of you time and time again then the only person to blame is you.

I have not been taken advantage of time and again. I learn from my mistakes. And I would like to see fewer people taken advantage of time and again. I am in this business to write technical documents. I don't want to spend my time negotiating contracts, arguing over invoices and fees, demanding payment. If I were interested in that kind of work, I'd have become a lawyer or a collections person.

Which is why I am totally behind the NWU's effort to reverse this process of concentrating control over supposedly freelance employment in the hands of "recruiters" who actually serve as walls behind which large, abusive companies hide.

The NWU is a Union of Writers. They work to improve the lot of WRITERS.

They understand that WRITERS are NOT recruiters. That writers have needs other than recruiters. Of course the NWU is not a group you would support Mr. Plato. They absolutely do not have your best interests in mind.

Most recruiters do not benefit the contractor/writer/worker in any way whatsoever. And they absolutely DO cost us money. Because if they are getting $25 per hour to be the wall my clients hide behind when they decide to stiff me, that is money out of my pocket.

...You won't need the NWU or anybody then.

I don't NEED the NWU. I CHOOSE the NWU because they have offer me valuable services at a price I consider reasonable. I CHOOSE them as I CHOOSE to add tomatoes to my salad when the tomatoes are good. I don't HAVE to use them.

Furthermore, how is the NWU taking 10% any different than a recruiter taking

Because the NWU's 10% is a finder's fee for services rendered truly, dependable and well. Because the NWU's finder's fee ends after 4 months with each client. Because the NWU's finders fee doesn't come out of my pay check before I see my pay check. Because the NWU's finder's fee is an honor system and when I ended up totally depressed and not paid for months after the episode I described earlier, they did not even ask for the money I owed them until I had it in the bank.

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