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Subject: Re: Immigration to Canada Resources
From: sinico -at- nbnet -dot- nb -dot- ca (H.Durstling)
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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 20:11:37 -0300

Hi folks,

In brief, as others have already pointed out, the Canadian immigration
system is a points-based one. How many points there are in total I don't
recall; I believe 50 but I might be wrong. Very (VERY!) roughly, it works
like this:

- You get X points for fluency in English
- You get X points for fluency in French
- You get X points for each year of education plus Y points for each year
of post-secondary
- You get X points for being 20-something years old (people in peak
productive years preferred)
- You get X points for having a profession which is in short supply (eg doctors)
- You get X points for having a job offer (must be certified, though, that
no Canadians are
available to fill it)
- You get X points for your choice of location (regions where there are
jobs to be filled)
- Plus you get points if you have family in the country.

Those are all the categories I can remember; probably there are others but
I believe these are the major ones.

Someone suggested that being a British citizen would help. There was
indeed, at one time, such a preference, but I believe it no longer applies.

All these points are used in deciding your application for landed immgrant
status. A landed immigrant can live anywhere work anywhere, at anything
he/she chooses, just like anyone else, but just can't vote. I don't know
anything about NAFTA and specific job-related visas or whether there even
is such a thing.

One thing that hasn't been pointed out is that the Provinces have a
considerable input in the selection process, and of those Provinces, Quebec
(French speaking) has the most. The latter is particularly keen to attract
French speaking skilled immigrants. Hence if you speak French and in your
application you propose to live in Quebec and work and send your kids to
school in French etc. etc. you can pile up significant points. That's in
addition to points for language fluency.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

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