RE: Word, too [was]Does Frame Suck? From a new user

Subject: RE: Word, too [was]Does Frame Suck? From a new user
From: jarnopol <jarnopol -at- interaccess -dot- com>
To: Chris Despopoulos <cud -at- arrakis -dot- es>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 00 09:47:03 -0500

Chris Despopoulos is having problems with Word.

>Cross references... Could they be worse than tables? Why
>can't I make an xref to *any* paragraph I want? Why only
>headings and captions? Ok, so if I want to learn about
>hidden fields (and send in enough box-tops to get my secret
>decoder ring), I can put them anywhere I want. But I really
>don't have enough time to work that out. And the online
>docs are absolutely no help.

You CAN cross reference "any" paragraph. You just have to "mark" the
paragraph you want to reference first. Try Insert, Bookmark. give it a name,
save the bookmark. Then go to where you want to insert the xref. Insert,
Cross Reference. The biggest problem i've found is that you have to reference
the page number.

>I'm documenting code, so I want literals to be in Courier.
>I type the literal, select it and make it Courier. To get
>out of Courier again, I have to select the original font all
>over again. There's no way to put the cursor outside of the
>Courier *region* because I suspect there is no region per
>se, rather a Start Courier code with no matching End Courier
>code. Likewise with other formatting such as color, etc.
>This compounds my mouse-hand injuries.

why don't you create a macro that changes selected text to Courier? Or type
beyond the literal, then go back, select the literal and then select courier.
that way you have the "start courier" and "End courier" parms.

>Word modified my email preferences when I accidentally
>clicked on a mail address in a friend's document. Isn't
>that illegal? I mean, by definition, isn't it a virus when
>a program modifies your data without your knowledge or
>consent? Anyway, I had to re-establish my preferred mail
>system, and re-enter my user name in that system's
>preferences. Very bad manners!

I think you're confusing Uncle Bill and MS with phone companies and long
distance service. In many states "slamming", changing your LDS without your
knowledge or permission, is illegal. MS modifying your operating system
without your knowledge or permission apparently is not illegal.

>So just going from one system to another is a hassle, no
>matter which way you go.

very true. hang in there Chris. you'll learn to love Word just like the rest
of us.


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