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Subject: RE: Do it yourself
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Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 14:54:54 -0400

Andrew ranted (excerpt below).

On the other hand...

If I preface a request with detailed description of
how I do something now, or with speculations about
the various ways I might do it... that would certainly
tell people that I've already done some work and given
the matter more than cursory thought. Of course, nobody
would read through all that and get to the actual request
for "a better way". I know. I used to do it that way.
Response volume picked up significantly when I cut down
the preamble.

Sometimes, I want another perspective. I'm not so vain
as to think I have the best-lookin', best-readin', most-
efficient way of doing anything. I *know* I've got
blind spots -- some of 'em, I'm sure, a mile wide -- I
just don't happen to know what they all are, or how
wide, deep and tall they might be, until I have something
to compare.

Aside from the entertainment and occasionally-needful
distraction, I think the value of a list like this lies
somewhere between the elementary FAQ (or RTFM) stuff
and the micro-niche voodoo that only three people will
ever need.

So, might I respectfully suggest that I don't begrudge
anybody their reluctance to re-invent the wheel? Those
who recognize laziness in many of the queries are free
to not waste their own time answering. Those who enjoy
being helpful, and those who simply like to show off their
knowledge, are free to indulge themselves by answering
any request that comes along. Those who don't like seeing
laziness being pandered to, can make use of the "Del" key.
Those who are receiving this stuff in digest, and who can't
delete individual messages or threads... well, you knew
there was a downside to that digest thing... :-)

[Looking around] so, um, who'd I miss offending *this* time?


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> From: Andrew Plato [mailto:intrepid_es -at- yahoo -dot- com]
> Sent: Monday, August 28, 2000 3:58 PM
> Subject: Do it yourself

> Ever noticed how many posts you see on this list where people
> ask something
> like this:

> > How do you get ZZZZ done? I'm interested in how others solve this
> > problem.

> Remember what good old Harry Truman said? "The buck stops
> here." Well, I got a
> new one: "The doc stops here."

> Part of the documentation process (or chaos) is being able to
> put together
> complex designs (ideas, whatever) into some comprehensible
> form. As the writer,
> you have to own that process from beginning to end. Slicing
> and dicing it off
> to other people is a recipe overgeneralization and inaccuracy.

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