RE: Font size for headings (was:Font size)

Subject: RE: Font size for headings (was:Font size)
From: Bruce Byfield <bbyfield -at- axionet -dot- com>
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Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 10:21:45 -0700

"Michael West" <mwest -at- oz -dot- quest -dot- com> wrote:

>I am less cynical about the mainstream of typographic design and
>practice than Geof is. I see far worse offenses from those
>who * don't * know the rules than I do from those who do know the
>rules but choose occasionally to stretch them. The early editions of
>"Wired" magazine are notable exceptions: the designers tripped out
>completely. If you look at "Wired" today, it's pretty much back in
>the fold, typographically.

Of course,"Wired" and similar magazines were deliberately
breaking the conventions to push the boundaries. These efforts
are best deplored if you have a strong knowledge of classical
typography. :-)

The magazine I write for is a fairly new one, and still trying to
find its look. It went through a "Wired" look for an issue or
two. The highlight (or low point, depending on your take) was an
article laid out with white type on a red patterned background. I
jokingly threatened to ritually disembowel myself with my
keyboard at the front door of the magazine's offices if any
article of mine was ever given a similar layout (The editor's
response was to offer a keyboard).

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