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Subject: RE: Looking for sample questions for a survey
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Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 11:42:03 -0700

Without *any* exaggeration, I can honestly report that in most of the
companies I've worked for, the top ranked tech support calls consistently
broke down into roughly these categories:

1. customer did not read the instructions; or, when TechSupp read relevant
instructions to the customer, customer insisted "that's not in the manual
I've got" or equivalent, until led to the page(s) in question; or, after
TechSupp's pointing to instructions or online help that answered the query,
customer said "I didn't think the manual/help really explains these
things..." [or even, "I never read manuals, it should be obvious how to work
this thing without 'em"]

2. a high percentage of out-of-box returns claiming "unit did not power up
or operate" turned out to be incorrectly connected, configured or installed
units, IN SPITE OF clear instructions on 1st page of manual, or a BRIGHTLY
PRINTED Readme sheet placed atop the unit in its box.

3. many customers, despite being able to operate the unit successfully as
confirmed by TechSupp's validation questionnaire, still perceive a "problem"
in the results, on-screen displays, unit's performance, or some other
parameter, which they insist is somehow defective but is in fact standard
operating behavior... go figure.

thus, to disregard surveys, queries, info-gathering in whatever form happens
to work, is -- as usual -- pointy-headed thinking of the worst order.

by identifying such non-obvious [to Tech Supp managers, anyway] solutions in
search of a problem, we TWs have improved training [& reduced expenses] for
distributors/resellers, service/repair techs, and of course, Tech Support.

just 'cuz some guy sez he knows what werks for everybody else don' make it
so, joe...

unhumbly, from my humble cube,

> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: RE: Looking for sample questions for a survey
> Ohmygod...a tech writer doing marketing!
> You got feedback and they got "educated". Doesn't get much better
> than that!

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