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I am forwarding this posting from Dmitri Iounov regarding FrameMaker support for Unicode.
Anyone who believes that Frame does support Unicode, or who doesn't understand the
many advantages of Unicode should read this. If you have FrameMaker 5.5 and up,
open the on-line manual on FrameMaker character sets, and read all the caveats and
exceptions that arise from the non-support of Unicode.

FrameMaker and other products which do not support Unicode are limited to
the 255-code points in the ANSI character set. The number of code points available
in Unicode is enormous, allowing almost all the world's languages (plus many
archaic ones), as well special languages such as mathematics, chemistry, and music
to be simultaneously available. Each unique glyph occupies a single code point.
That is particularly important in the case of glyphs that are common to many
different languages.

There are already Unicode-compliant fonts available that support
as many as 40 different languages. That is, you can specify that single font (e.g.,
Times) to produce snippets of all 40 languages in a single document, using
a different keyboard setting for each language.

Without Unicode, multi-language font management and document creation
are a tower of babel.

What is Unicode support in application:
= import/export Unicode plain text correctly #for any range of Unicode
symbols# (hereinafter as FARUS)
= import/export Unicode plain text to/from Clipboard correctly FARUS
= import/export multi-language documents like WordPerfect, Lotus Notes,
WordPro, Sun StarOffice 5.2, MSOffice 97-98Mac-2000 correctly FARUS
= import/export Unicode or multi-codepage RTF correctly FARUS
= import/export Unicode or multi-codepage RTF to/from Clipboard correctly
= valid working in any localized OS and any system default locale of OS (for
ex. "FM Unicode enable" under Arabic or Thai Win2000)
= linear support FARUS for Unicode fonts like TrueType, OpenType and
Unicode-enable Type 1 (WinNT+ATM)
= correct working with multiply keyboards from different codepages
(multilingual support) and with Unicode keyboards (for ex. Indic, Central
Asian, Georgian, Armenian keyboards in W2K) in one time
= valid working with Unicode file names, network filenames,
folder/directory names FARUS
= use of Unicode name/symbols for variable, tag name, style name, bookmark,
reference etc. FARUS
= Unicode names/symbols search/replace support FARUS
= Unicode text printing to PS, PCL, QDraw (Macprinter), GDI (Winprinter),
net printer, web printer etc. FARUS
= Unicode enable HTML, XML export/import FARUS
= Unicode/Codepage/locale specific text/paragraph right sorting FARUS
= Unicode/Codepage/locale specific right conversion for small capitals,
uppercase, lowercase in Greek, Cyrillic and Cyrillic script-based, Roman and
Roman script-based and some other languages (Armenian, Georgian)

There are 15 items in my list. FrameMaker 6 does not support even one.

Dmitri Iounov
<yudmi -at- star -dot- spb -dot- ru>
Support/consulting for multilingual computing

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> As far as I know, FrameMaker 6.0 does support
> UNICODE!!! You have to change your win.ini file (FontSubstituties, code
> for Greek character is 161)in win98/95 or Registry entries in win NT
> (H_KEY
> LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes
> (Arial Greek,161 REG_SZ Arial,161 ect. for Times, Tahoma...).
> You have to install multilanguage support and change the keyboard from
> English to Greek or Czech/English ect. I use Slovenian (code 238).
> Windows, sometimes use very simple solutions!!!

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