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Subject: RE: Printjob checklist
From: Christi Carew <ccarew -at- rangestar -dot- com>
To: 'John Cornellier' <tw -at- cornellier -dot- com>, TECHWR-L <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 08:56:40 -0700

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> From: John Cornellier [mailto:tw -at- cornellier -dot- com]
> Subject: Printjob checklist

> Have I missed
> anything from the following checklist?
> * File format? PS on CD? Are there different types of PS?
> (Probably PS is a
> whole nother mailing list, but are there any snags, e.g. with
> TT fonts or
> non-US characters?)
> * What page formats, weight, and finish available?
> * Binding?
> * Deadline?
> * Dummy run possible?

I haven't seen any responses posted to the list; hopefully you've gotten
some off-list replies. Here are some questions that I've gathered that I ask
a prospective printer.

+ resolution of the printer (so I can determine what resolution my scans
should be) or what would they recommend for the resolution of scanners. I
guess if you don't use scanned images, that might not be important; I do.

+ relating to file format, do they want native files (i.e., PM6.5), ps
files, or pdf files

+ I like to know whether they have the ability to send and receive files
electronically-- preferrably NOT via e-mail, but via an ftp site.

+ If you print in color and it is important to match certain colors, find
out what system they use (e.g., Pantone, Tru-Match).

+ Make sure that TT fonts are fine. It used to be that Type 1 was the
preferred format.

+ Rather than a "dummy run", ask if you get blue lines or a laminated proof.

+ I also like to ask, in a perfect world, what would their shortest turn
around time be.

+ Do they deliver? Do they have their own delivery people or do they use
FedEx, UPS, etc?

+ Do they store your files (for instance, if you want to run it again will
they have the files or would you need to send them again)?

I think that's about it from me. Though I'd be interested in seeing any
responses you might have received off-list.

Christi Carew
ccarew -at- rangestar -dot- com

RangeStar Wireless

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