Re: voice recognition tools

Subject: Re: voice recognition tools
From: "Jeff Hanvey" <jewahe -at- mailandnews -dot- com>
To: "Peter" <pnewman1 -at- home -dot- com>
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 06:56:56 -0500

"Peter" <pnewman1 -at- home -dot- com> wrote:
> I cannot agree that all voice recognition software is "woefully
> inadequate for everyday use."

I simply said that it is my understanding that this is the case - and that
opinion is formed from (a) tons of articles on ZDnet, PCWorld, and other
online magazines who've reviewed the software and found it lacking and (b)
my experience with one product.

I readily admit that I don't have a lot of experience with this type of
tools - my post was merely to give my opinion of one of those tools.

> You do not say what sound card you are
> using, nor do you tell us how much memory you have. A good sound card,
> decent noise canceling microphone and lots of memory are the key to
> satisfaction with any voice recognition product.

I'm glad you mentioned this. I meant to add that to the conclusion of my
intitial post, but forgot (that's what I get for operating on less than 5
hrs sleep a night). These items do add to the problems I have. But not
everyone has a state-of-the-art system (Yes, I have a cheap sound card and a
low-end microphone. I desperately need to upgradge my 96 RAM, AMD 400

> I have been using voice recognition products since 1994 and have found
> that it is a tremendous aid to document production.

I find it useful, too, but only for "personal" stuff. I wouldn't dream of
using this product in the office - I'd be nuts in a couple of days.

>One must have patience to train it
> properly.

I spent a couple of hours training my copy of Via Voice. I've retrained it
several times. One of the things I've noticed is that there is a difference
between my "reading" voice and my "conversation" voice. I've tried
controlling my "reading" voice to make it more like my "conversation" voice,
but there is still a difference which becomes apparant whenever I try to
"converse' with my computer (If it begins talking back, I don't care how
deeply attached to it I am - it's in the dumpster).

> ViaVoice Home is a low end voice recognition product. My guess is that
> you are also using it with a low end microphone.

Agreed. You get what you pay for. I paid $30 for the package.

For serious production
> use you should only use either: ViaVoice Millennium, Executive or
> Professional; or Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Premium or Professional.

I'll check out all of those products. Thanks for the information.

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