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Subject: RE: voice recognition tools
From: KMcLauchlan -at- chrysalis-its -dot- com
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Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 11:58:06 -0400

Bruce Byfield [mailto:bbyfield -at- axionet -dot- com] hastily scribbled
something about telecommuters and commuters using their
laptops for exercise:
> Yes, but you can stuff books in your laptop case to change the
> weights for different exercises. If the laptop breaks, just write
> it off. It's important to think ahead on these things.
> As for the other commuters noticing, usually they'll notice just
> enough to give you all the space you need (which is another
> reason for exercising on your bus, train, or ferry).

Jeez! Where do YOU live?

Back in those unfondly-remembered days that I commuted by bus,
I made the tactical error of not living at a bus terminus.
By the time I got on a bus, it was shoulder-to-shoulder...
or whatever some of those protuberances were...

Getting an actual seat was entirely a matter of luck (once
the bus had hit two stops and all the seats were filled),
and it was questionable whether that luck could be considered
good or bad. On a good day -- early autumn, crisp and sunny --
it was rare good luck that someone would vacate a seat within
claiming distance. I could sit, read, stare out the window,

On those *other* kinds of days, well there were ah, um,
logistical reasons for not bothering to claw my way to a
recently-vacated seat.
Summer in Montreal was hot'n'sweaty. You don't *want* to
be a short person or a seated person on a bus full of
sweaty, ill-tempered, lurching standees.
Winter in Montreal was... well... winter. You don't *want*
to be a short person or a seated person (especially if
your laptop or book is not waterproof) on a bus full of
sweaty (well, they ARE dressed for outdoors, while being
crammed into an overheated, airless, sardine-can-on-wheels),
ill-tempered (see previous parenthetical remark), dripping
(rain, snow, slush), lurching standees. Besides, do you
really *want* to sit where someone else has been dripping
unidentified substances, and where the ill-fitted bus
window has leaked and sprayed into the ripped foam and...

Assuming the dripping crud didn't ruin the laptop, you'd do
perhaps two curls in a row, before bringing your hand down
empty. You'd leap to your feet, to catch a glimpse of the
thief... but you'd rebound off a huge, damp belly and land
in the lap of the person who saw you vacating the seat.
By then, of course, your laptop case is gone. But wait!
It didn't get far. That woman who just went down... no,
the other one... yeah, she had her foot through the strap
when the second thief made his grab. If you're fast, maybe
you can salvage something from this fiasco. The kid who's
over there, still clutching /y/o/u/r/ his laptopless laptop
bag, has momentarily lost track of his skateboard. Only you
and two other people have noticed this lapse, and neither of
them appears to be armed...

The "tele" part of "telecommuting" looks more and more

(who can cycle the ten miles to work in less than half the
time it takes to bus there)


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