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Bonita White <bwhite -at- youcentric -dot- com> wrote;

>Are there any *standards,* and I use the term loosly, on heading and text
>fonts for end user documentation that will be printed only in b/w, but possibly
> available in color in a .pdf format? A very graphic intensive manual.

I don't think that there would be anything unusual here. After
all, most typography is black and white.

As always, you'd want good color - that is (to give a very simple
explanation) the lines of text should not look too gray or too
dark. The color depends on all the different aspects of the font
as well as the paper, but, everything else being equal (as if it
ever were), a condensed font should usually look darker and an
expanded one grayer. Depending on your software, you can also
play about with the letter spacing and the colors used for the
fonts.An easy way to compare fonts is to print out a short phrase
using different fonts and observe how much space each font takes
for the phrase.

If you choose to use a color other than black for the headings or
body text, use it sparingly. In most cases, you won't want
anything garish (although I remember doing a manual for
children's software in which I had lots of fun). I'd suggest
confining any colors to the headings, and testing them in both
black and white and color before deciding on it.

Probably, the text should stay in black. Anything else is likely
to be hard to read and simply a distraction.

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