QUERY/RANT: Little Word/Acrobrat idiosyncracy... or three

Subject: QUERY/RANT: Little Word/Acrobrat idiosyncracy... or three
From: KMcLauchlan -at- chrysalis-its -dot- com
To: techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 17:12:33 -0400

Little puzzler fer y'all.

On Windows NT 4.
Word doc to PDF. Looks ok, but needs a cover.
I get a cover from our arteeste (in .CDR format)
and make PDF out of it.

In the doc PDF, I tell Acrobrat 4 to insert the
cover PDF before the first page of the doc.
Acrobrat sez: "? There was a problem reading the file. (16)"


Close and re-open every little thing.
Try again. Same message.
But... can open and view the cover PDF independently
with no protest from Acrobrat.


Ok, so open the cover PDF then "Document > Insert..."
the main doc after the cover. This works. Save
combined doc and exit.

So, the question is: why did Acrobrat want to give me
grief when attempting to pre-pend the cover to the
main doc PDF, but not when attempting to append the
main doc to the cover?

Also, there was no squawk at all when I appended the
back cover PDF to the combined front cover and main
doc. Any brilliant guesses?

What? You DO have a brilliant guess? Ok then...
Why was I doing the constructing in PDF, rather than
in Word?

Well, when I told Word to insert a page at the front
of the original doc (to carry the cover artwork),
Word did so... and obligingly created a ruling box
around all 169 pages of the document. When I told
Word to turn off the ruling-box-around, Word also
turned off the margin settings throughout the entire

When I inserted the front-cover .TIF, and told Word
that it should take it to the edges of the paper...
Word moved the left margin of the entire rest of the
document off the page by an inch or so. But... that
cover looked *good*! :-)

I believe it was at this point that I dropped the
whole thing, went back to the original doc and
started doing things in PDF. And people wonder why
I prefer FrameMaker, a program that either does what
you tell it to do, or thumbs its nose at you, but
which at least doesn't make up imaginary commands

to act upon. (Mostly...)

But seriously, if y'all have semi-rational explanations
for the above behaviors, let me know. Due to the people
I'm working with, I just know that I will be /a/f/f/r/o/n/t/e/d
confronted by Word again, for some sizeable docs. Forewarned
is four-armed, as they say.



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