RE: QUERY/RANT: Little Word/Acrobrat idiosyncracy... or three

Subject: RE: QUERY/RANT: Little Word/Acrobrat idiosyncracy... or three
From: KMcLauchlan -at- chrysalis-its -dot- com
To: etownsen -at- Softimage -dot- com, techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 16:03:01 -0400

Emru Townsend [mailto:etownsen -at- Softimage -dot- com] said:

> I can answer the MS Word part with a few generalities.
> 1) Changing page settings (i.e., margins, headers, footers,
> page borders,
> page numbering, columns, etc.) will affect an entire document
> section...
> and, unless you explicitly define a section before doing a
> page operation,
> the entire document section is, well, the whole document. Read up on
> section breaks -- it'll only take a few minutes, and it will
> eliminate a lot
> of these kinds of headaches.

To insert the cover, in Word, I inserted a Section Break and
a Page Break, in that order. My previous experience
(when I couldn't avoid Word) was that I was relatively safe
fiddling in the middle of a document if I first created two
section breaks and then did my fiddling between them.

This time, being at the very top, I used only one. Maybe that
was part of the problem.
I'll fiddle some more, when I've got time. Right now, though,
that deadline is behind me... :-)

Nothing anybody has said has suggested why an insertion -- or
ANY operation that didn't involve opening the relevant dialog
box -- would [arbitrarily?] turn on a border-box around all

> 2) "Word [moving] the left margin" sounds like you made your
> adjustment by
> fiddling with the ruler... which adjusts the margin for the
> current section.
> See point 1.

Well, it was "Format > Picture > Size" (and then I set the
size to 101% so the edges would bleed), but yeah, I'll have to
see if juggling the section breaks does the trick. Is there
some kind of "hinterland" at the very top of a Word doc,
where you must not diddle?
The doc in question probably went through about 27 pairs of
hands and saw a LOT of overwriting. When I got it, the title
and ownership in the document info was four years old and by
an author who left the company two years ago. I'd bet that
every aspect of formatting has been tweaked and overlaid
a dozen times.
There must be 18 kilograms of obsolete codes and hidden
attributes in there.

Now about that thin-line border box... ? :-)

We've got 150 Word licences here, and no printed docs.
Anybody recommending anything in the way of third-party
books? I figure the quickest way to encourage this
company to upgrade from Word 97 is to have them spend
a few bucks on an after-market Word 97 book. Ahem!
So, recommend a Word 2000 book, as well, wouldja?

Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate it.


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