Re: a vocabulary question

Subject: Re: a vocabulary question
From: jarnopol -at- Interaccess -dot- com
To: Mark Levinson <MarkL -at- gilian -dot- com>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 09:07:20 -0500

Mark Levinson is having dependency problems.

I said no, the dependency is the condition or relationship.
It's the depending. It's not the thing that's depended on.
In fact, if it's either thing at all, it's the thing that
depends on the other, as Guam is a dependency of the USA.
They said, well not in our world, because when we compile a
program we have something called a Dependencies List and it is
a list of what the program depends on.

Actually, both you and the coders are correct. I suspect they are coding in VB and there is a thing called a dependency list which sets the rule of what must be in place in order to compile the project. The elements of the dependency list do not necessarily have to be present on the end-users machine however.

But out in the real world
the things that you depend on are not your dependencies.
Harrumph, I said. So there, I said. And I used the word
"dependencies" in the documentation, and I approved it in
the GUI, wherever I felt it could be justified as referring
to the relationship, but not where it unmistakably referred
to the thing that is depended on. For the thing that is
depended on, I got a different word approved.

okay. What was the other word you got approved? Most importantly, who is your audience?

The programmers still scratch their heads as I walk by.
Maybe that's only because of my taste in t-shirts, but
I think that they still believe the dependencies issue went
the wrong way. Do you?

And what was your vocabulary question?


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