Re: Monitor Calibration

Subject: Re: Monitor Calibration
From: Dick Margulis <margulis -at- fiam -dot- net>
To: KMcLauchlan -at- chrysalis-its -dot- com
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 17:04:45 -0400

KMcLauchlan -at- chrysalis-its -dot- com wrote:
> When you print something out on a color laser, and it looks
> ugly, compared to what you thought you were getting from
> the screen... how do you know which way -- and how much --
> to tweak the on-screen colors, to achieve the laser-printer
> end-result you seek?
> I find trial-and-terror printing to be time-consuming, and a
> bit expensive.


Sometimes it's time-consuming and a bit expensive. Your point is...?

Tracy's suggestion of using PMS colors may help you, although I do not
know how FM handles color models like PMS.

You may also be having trouble because of using a PDF. Make sure you
have your Distiller job options tweaked to prevent changes to your
colors and to optimize for CMYK printing.

Beyond those suggestions, though, my strategy is this: I have defined a
palette of acceptable colors to use in company communications. The
product designers use this palette for the product (they are all
browser-safe colors, by the way). My department uses these colors in
print work and Web site design. I've got the palette set up as my
default in PageMaker, and we use it in PhotoShop, Illustrator, Corel
Draw, and every other program we work with. We took the time to test the
reproduction of the colors from different programs and in different
output media, and we're satisfied that they are stable enough for our
purposes. Now, when we want to introduce a color element into something,
we just choose from the palette, confident that the choice is safe.
Where we sometimes have problems is with light tints of the palette
colors. Where the trial-and-error part comes in is with photographs,
particularly of people. But overall, this is a small hit on


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