Re: Burn out

Subject: Re: Burn out
From: Sigrid Schoepel <sschoepe -at- adacgeo -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 12:46:43 -0500

Definitely take up a hobby that's something different and that you must
concentrate on. I do aerobics. I'm much less coordinated physically than I am
mentally so I have to concentrate fully during the classes. It gets me doing
something totally different than writing, keeps my mind off work and home, and
makes me feel better (if not thinner).

I would suggest a physical activity or some kind of volunteer work in something
totally removed from writing/English/business (say one of those after school
programs in the arts for physically or mentally challenged kids or playing the
piano at a nursing home). Most of the time the volunteer activities are once a
week so you don't have to take tons of time away from your family.

See how you feel at the end of your time off. Perhaps you've gotten into a
routine with your new hobby and feel better. Don't ruin your time off looking
for work. If you are dreading going back, start looking for something else when
you go back.


Sharon Burton-Hardin wrote:

> The advice to do something other than work is the best you can get. I do
> karate every Tuesday morning in a private class. Have been for 18 months. Am
> I terrible good? I don't think so. I do have a yellow belt now but, frankly,
> I think I got it for attendance. Will I get a black belt? Perhaps, by the
> time I am 50 - about 10 more years. Do I care? Not at all.
> Karate is a be-here-now activity. If you don't pay attention, you get hit in
> the head or you don't get the kata or what ever it is that is happening. You
> cannot have your head any where but there. There is also a great deal of fun
> in learning how to use your belt as an offensive weapon and bashing things
> with it. Great stress relief.

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