Re: Burn Out

Subject: Re: Burn Out
From: Annamaria Profit <inteltek -at- erols -dot- com>
To: John Fleming <johnf -at- ecn -dot- ab -dot- ca>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 19:26:11 -0400


I've found a very simple time-out solution for my own
professional/personal burnout. I'm not sure it's really 'the' solution
but it's helping me find my way through the latest set of chaotic
impulses. I sit by my living room window in the very early mornings, in
the reading chair, in front of a lit candle meditating. I focus on the
candle's light, and let every thing else go. I consciously surrender
every impulse/need/rant/thought I have..sometimes only for seconds...but
in the moments of surrender, when life and I are less opposed, come
periods of real peace. I try to do this every day, sometimes at
different times, but I find it gives me some place to stop and rest from
whatever is pressing in from the chaos.

Just to tie it back to tech writing, so I don't get whipped for going
off topic, ; ))), I find I can focus more clearly on what I have to
write, if I've taken time to practice focusing like this in the

John Fleming wrote:
> Atek Writer,
> I know where you are coming from. I'm going through some burnout of
> my own right now, though the cause doesn't have much to do with
> technical writing. If anything, my writing is suffering as a result
> of stresses in the activity that is causing the burnout.


Annamaria Profit
E-mail: inteltek -at- erols -dot- com

Celebrate failure! It's a critical element of learning.


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