Re: Adobe Photoshop Justification

Subject: Re: Adobe Photoshop Justification
From: Max Wyss <prodok -at- prodok -dot- ch>
To: "Fayth Ross" <fross -at- tomax -dot- com>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 21:35:48 +0200


It all depends. (good answer, isn't it? <g>).

If you have to do either image processing to get images from various sources kind of "harmonized", or you are doing original artwork which is in any case raster based, you will need Photoshop. If it is to make up screenshots so that they kind of look decent, you might be able to do it with a semi-professional tool ... maybe.

However, when you have Photoshop, you will have a tool which is mainly raster based. You will nevertheless also need a vector based tool, and this will be Illustrator.

IMHO, these two tools simply belong the contents creator's toolbox. Period. You are a professional, and therefore, you will need professional tools.

What we are using Photoshop for here at PRODOK Engineering: All primary editing of raster images (for the Web, we switch to ImageReady which comes with Photoshop at some time; we consider these programs as a decent combo. Then we use Photoshop for processing images for output, where we need good quality. We don not use Photoshop much for its channel Operations and all the calculations which allow to control any kind of effect to the last pixel (because we do right now not have the need for it, but it may come any day). We do also use Photoshop for processing/editing raster-based PDF objects.

Why is Photoshop the tool of choice? There is nothing really comparable in this performance range. There are high-end image processing systems, but they are beyond our budget, and the lower end stuff is not quite enough for our requirements.

Hope, this can help.

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I'm currently working as a Courseware Developer creating training manuals
and such for a retail based software company. I've been allowed to hire a
second developer, and I'm in the process of writing a request for software
for his machine. I'm currently struggling with my managers - who feel
Adobe Photoshop is overkill for any writer ("Photoshop is like using a
steam press when all you need is a hand-held iron"). They believe
Photoshop should only be used by the marketing department -- and can't
understand why anyone with a technical writing background creating training
manuals would need the program.

I have my own beliefs and biases, but I'm interested in your opinions. I'd
like to know more about the following: 1) Do you use Adobe Photoshop in
your positions? 2) If so, why is Photoshop the tool of choice? 3) What
tasks do you accomplish by using Photoshop? 4) If you don't use
Photoshop, what image editing program do you use?

I've received the impression that buying the program is not a money issue
-- it seems to be more of a justification situation.

I'd appreciate any and all feedback offline.

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