Re: Re; Technical marketing: starting up and finding info?

Subject: Re: Re; Technical marketing: starting up and finding info?
From: Annamaria Profit <inteltek -at- erols -dot- com>
To: Bruce Byfield <bbyfield -at- axionet -dot- com>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 18:46:41 -0400


There's another point too...technical marketing needs to be easier to
read and more to the point than standard technical manuals. It needs to
be both more reductive and obvious. From my experience, advertising and
marketing copy also needs be succinct, memorable, and legal. I come out
of the pharmaceutical industry...where claims are scrutinized by FDA and
the medical community, highly regulated, and challenged regularly.
Claims cannot even be made without supporting scientific studies. I
think that same standard should be applied to all marketing and
advertising copy. An unsubstantiated claim is not hype--it's a lie. And
lies bring down the wrath of the US Govt and the American consumer
advocacy machine on companies. Propagating marketing lies is commercial
suicide. But if the product's advantages can be substantiated,
showcasing is not "hype" (short for hyperbole), it's just flashy text! ;

Bruce Byfield wrote:
> >The main difference is in the style of rhetoric you'll adopt, though there's
> >considerable overlap at times: technical communication emphasizes teaching
> >people how to use products or communicating complex concepts to an audience,
> >whereas technical marketing involves effecting a mind change in the
> >audience.
> Personally, when I venture into marketing, I stay on the side of
> presenting true information in the best light possible.

Annamaria Profit
E-mail: inteltek -at- erols -dot- com

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