Re: Burn Out

Subject: Re: Burn Out
From: Annamaria Profit <inteltek -at- erols -dot- com>
To: Jill Waite <jwaite -at- criticaldevices -dot- com>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 00:03:11 -0400


You raise a good question about the list's periodic transgressions off
topic. I think Eric's admonitions are accurate. But sameness is both a
plus and minus. Maybe we do get attenuated to the virtual institution
the same way we get institutionalized in real time bureaucracies.
There's a fine line...the tech writers on this list seem to have vital
imaginative impulses. I love the humor and the asides (although I don't
get Amy's urge to repeat her "humor" email 8 times!). I find the same
creativity smoldering on my techie firewall sysop list. And also the
same occasional chaotic swings out of the attenuated sameness to
outrageous humor, unrelated threads and back again, on the admonition of

the local gatekeeper.

Relax sister. I think it's just another life pattern...cyber pattern?
virtual pattern? non-linear moment? creative aside during a
tech-writers dream? Whirlers' midsummer's night's dream? See... I
think it's the way we refresh our perceptions, re-tune our

Learning theory says change a baby's visual environment every three
months to improve learning/retention. I think that's what we're doing,
have learned to cope with boredom over the course of professional
lifetimes but interjecting humor, secondary stimuli, outrageous
statements, just to wake our brains up again. Just see the humor/asides
as the list, taking a recess, and Sonjay as hall monitor, urging us back
to the grindstone... ; )))

Jill Waite wrote:
> I am a brand new member of this listserv. I was a long-time lurker on one
> other (very active!) listserv in the past. Reviewing recent comments and
> comparing the "feel" of this listserv to the other, it appears some
> techwhirlers on this list seem almost intimidated, afraid to post, or afraid
> of others' postings.


Annamaria Profit
E-mail: inteltek -at- erols -dot- com

Celebrate failure! It's a critical element of learning.

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