Re: Burn Out

Subject: Re: Burn Out
From: figmo -at- rahul -dot- net (Lynn Gold)
To: Megan -dot- Rock -at- fanucrobotics -dot- com
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 09:57:09 -0700 (PDT)

Rock, Megan wrote:
>While I'm called to do the best job I can do for my department, my company,
>and my users, it really puts things in perspective when I ask myself, "Will
>any of this stuff I'm stressing over and devoting so much time to matter
>when I am dead and gone?"....

Q: How do you keep this attitude from showing on the job? I've made the
mistake in the past of letting this kind of attitude show and have been
pushed out the door for it. One such previous boss felt I didn't have
enough work because I was able to get my work done in a 40-hour work week
while the (mostly hired fresh out of school) programmers would be working
late nights and weekends.

IMHO, too many companies think they're more important than your life. I've
even come across companies where you sign away the rights to ANYTHING you
write when you sign on with them (AOL is one). Granted, right now the
economy is good enough more companies are having to let us have a life, but
what do we do when the next big recession comes?


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