Re: Why use WordPerfect's reveal codes?

Subject: Re: Why use WordPerfect's reveal codes?
From: Jo Francis Byrd <jbyrd -at- byrdwrites -dot- com>
To: "Stevenson, Rebecca" <rstevens -at- hubdata -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 10:45:19 -0500

One of the most valuable things I learned while using WP: KEEP YOUR CODING

NOTHING can screw up your lovely work faster than a stray, unwanted code. The
"good housekeeping" habits I acquired using WP (though my natural
anal-retentive, borderline compulsive-obsessive personality MAY have something
to do with that, too :-> ) have helped me avoid a lot of problems over the
years, especially when creating help systems where a wrong or stay code can
REALLY screw things up!

Jo Byrd

"Stevenson, Rebecca" wrote:

> Oh my goodness, does this take me back.
> In college we used WordPerfect on NeXT boxes (lovely machines; this was in the
> early '90s). I spent a couple years working as a student in tech support. I
> cannot *tell* you how many times a harried student wanted to know why on earth
> their paper didn't look right and the reason was generally that they'd been
> playing around with so many styles, fonts, and other doohickeys that the
> invisible parts of the document were a nightmare. Big swipes of the DEL key
> and very grateful students followed. :-)

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