Re: setting RGB values in FM 5.5.6 UNIX

Subject: Re: setting RGB values in FM 5.5.6 UNIX
From: Sandy Harris <sandy -at- storm -dot- ca>
To: John Cornellier <tw -at- cornellier -dot- com>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 12:53:15 -0400

John Cornellier wrote:
> I've been given DECIMAL RGB values for a color palette. E.g. white
> is 255 255 255.
> But FM has a Color Definitions dialog box (View > Color > Definitions)
> that will only accept values between 0 and 100.
> Does anyone have a table or web resource to convert the dec values
> to percentage or whatever FM wants?

If it's percentage, just multiply by 100/255.

Another possibility is that Frame is using hexadecimal, base 16.
If so, right hand digits are:
0 to 9 plus
a = 10
b = 11
c = 12
d = 13
e = 14
f = 15
and left digits are those values times 16 so
hex dec
10 16
20 32
... and so on
f0 240

So, for example,

To turn decimal 35 to hex, you notice that it is 32 + 3 so you can
write it as hex 23.

To turn decimal 173 into hex, you divide by 16 and get 10 with remainder
13, so the hex value is "ad".

That might be written "AD". Hex can be done either way. It might also
include an indicator that it a hex number and be written "ADh" or

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