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Subject: ADMIN: RE: leaving
From: "Eric J. Ray" <ejray -at- raycomm -dot- com>
To: "TECHWR-L" <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 08:45:57 -0600 (MDT)

On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Michael Collier wrote:

> Did I hear a door slam or something?
> > -----Original Message-----
> > Body: Just a post to say goodbye to all of you. I've decided to leave
> > TECHWR-L for
> > other lists that actually foster a sense of community.

Yes. It was a rather more public than most realization
that rules apply to everyone, and that they're applied
evenly to everyone on the list. For some reason,
there are some (mostly former) list members who think that
their situation/background/whatever exempts them
from the rules, or who think that they are somehow
owed something from Raycomm by virtue of their
membership in the list. Usually enlightenment comes
quietly, but not always.

Speaking of which, we seem to be due for some reminders.
Following is a whole bunch of information--much of the same
stuff that's sent out to new subscribers. Please read
and file somewhere where you can find it when you
need it. Thanks.

ejray -at- raycomm -dot- com
TECHWR-L Listowner

Revised 1 March 2001


SUMMARY: You can do everything you need to do and find anything
you need to know about TECHWR-L by visiting (and bookmarking)

Q: What's the best way to change my subscription options,
change my address, subscribe, unsubscribe, or even read
messages on TECHWR-L?
A: Use the Web interface at:
(Bookmark it for easy reference.)

Q: How do I post messages to the TECHWR-L list?
A: Send a _plain_ _text_ message to:

Q: I want to unsubscribe from the list but don't want to
visit the Web site, look up these instructions, read the
FAQ or anything. I just want to send the listowner an email
and have him do it. What will he say?
A: The listowner will tell you to read the last five lines of
any message (other than the Premium Announcement posting) sent
to the list. He'll ask you if you've followed the instructions
on the line that starts with "To unsubscribe...". He'll ask
what error messages you received when you tried following
those instructions. Then, he'll suggest gently that, as you
managed to subscribe on your own and on purpose, you can
probably sign off in the same manner. So, try that first.

Q: I would rather read TECHWR-L through a newsgroup. Is this
A: Absolutely! The bit.listserv.techwr-l newsgroup (widely
distributed throughout the Internet) is a mirror of this
list. Alternatively, you can access a private newsgroup
from news:// (which is a spam-free
TECHWR-L mirror).

Q: I would like to use a Web browser to read TECHWR-L. Can I?
You can read TECHWR-L through the archive address at
To post, you'll have to subscribe and send the
"SET TECHWR-L NOMAIL" command to LYRIS -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM -dot-

Q: I'd like to learn more about the list, find topic summaries,
and get all-in-one-spot access to instructions, rules, and
related information about TECHWR-L. Where should I go?
A: Find all of this information and more at the Official
TECHWR-L Web Site at

Q: Who is the listowner and how do I contact him?
A: Eric Ray is the owner (that's me), and my address is


Q: Why am I having trouble posting to the list?
A: Due to problems with spamming, the TECHWR-L list
is restricted. Only subscribers to the list can
post. Additionally, the first posts from new subscribers
are moderated, so there will be a delay in your first
posting appearing on the list.
If you are a subscriber but your E-mail address
(as shown on your outgoing messages) has changed, you'll
have problems and have to make your subscribed address
match the address from which you post.
You can do this either through the Web site at
or by unsubscribing (using the instructions at the end of
every message you get from the list) and resubscribing.
(Note: There's no point in getting surly -- subscription and
verification of your identity both take place automatically
via the Lyris software. If, as is highly likely, your address
changed without your knowledge, your local system
administrators are the only ones to yell at.)

Q: Why did my message bounce back from Compuserve (or AOL or
any other address besides something
A: You post an article. You get a bounce message a few minutes
later. You swear, "Rats, it didn't work." You post again.
Trouble is, you can get a bounce message because there's one
bad address on the subscriber list (someone who didn't
unsubscribe before losing an account, for instance). The
bounce message generally tells you that, if read carefully--
or you could just wait and see if your article shows up.
So, before reposting a "bounced" article, please be sure
it was truly bounced from the whole list and not just
undeliverable to a single addressee. Contact the listowner
before reposting if you have any doubt. (Thanks to Stan
Brown for this one. EJR)

Q: I tried to post a message and had it returned to me with
a rejection message about attachments or HTML or something.
What's going on, and what should I do?
A: The list processing software is set to reject all HTML-
formatted messages as well as all attachments. Additionally,
messages containing more than 30 consecutive quoted lines
will also be returned. These limits exist to keep attachments
from polluting the list (they show up as garbage for many
readers, and can spread viruses and the like when they don't
end up as garbage) and to discourage wholesale quotations--like
including the entire digest for a one liner comment.

Q: Where can I find other information about TECHWR-L
and about technical communication in general?
A: At the Official TECHWR-L Web site, which you'll find at You'll also find the
latest information about the list, links to archives, and
a ton of other information.

Q: Are archives for TECHWR-L available on the Web and how do I
get them?
Q: Dear Listowner, I inadvertently deleted some Techwhirl
messages and need them back. Could you please send me....
A: TECHWR-L archives are available through the Web at and at
and probably other places.

Q: Why is it that you let other people post off-topic stuff, but
then you remind me about what the posting guidelines are? If
they can do it, I can do it!
A: The listowner does not generally moderate this list. That is,
everything sent to the list appears on the list. Phrased
differently, the listowner cannot exercise any control over
what other people post, but probably reminded them about the
posting guidelines as well.

Q: I have a message that would interest many of the subscribers,
but don't want to post it to the whole list. Can I just get
the list of subscribers and send it myself, or at least send
selectively to many subscribers?
A: No.

Q: Where do I send additions, corrections, and comments about
this posting?
A: To Eric, the listowner, of course. EJRAY -at- RAYCOMM -dot- COM

(Listowner recommendation: Use the Web interface at
rather than using email to manage your subscription--it's
more flexible and more powerful.)

Q: How do I subscribe to TECHWR-L?
A: Send a message (any or no content) to:

Q: How do I unsubscribe?
A: The best and most reliable solution is to use the instructions
at the bottom of each message you get from the list. That address
is customized for you and will almost always work,
even if your mail address has changed. Even if you don't think
this will work, try it before asking the list owner for help.

Q: My company's mail server had problems for a few days
and now I'm not getting TECHWR-L mail. What do I do?
A: Your subscription was probably automatically put on hold
because of your bounced mail. You were notified, but if
the hold message _also_ bounced, you'll hear nothing but
silence. By the way, don't let your system administrator
tell you that this is normal (it's not) or that there were
no problems on your end (if you were held, there was
a problem. To fix this, send a message to:
LYRIS -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM

Put anything on the subject line, and include on the
first line of the message:

Q: What are digests and how do I get them?
A: Digests are daily mailings which include all
postings to TECHWR-L from the last 24 hours. These
are unedited, and unmoderated--they just give you
one big message instead of many little ones.
To get digests (assuming you are a subscriber),
send a message to:
LYRIS -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM

Put anything on the subject line, and include on the
first line of the message:

Q: My digests are coming through as lots of little attachments
rather than a single longer file--can I fix it?
A: Usually you can fix that--although it depends to an extent
on your email system. Try sending a message to:
LYRIS -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM

Put anything on the subject line, and include on the
first line of the message:

Q: My digests are coming through as a single long file
but I'd rather have a bunch of little attachments. Can
I change it?
A: Depending on your mail system, you might be able to change it.
Try sending a message to:
LYRIS -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM

Leave the subject line blank, and include on the
first line of the message:

Q: I want to stop my mail or digest, but I don't want to
unsubscribe because I hate that confirmation process.
What do I do?
A: To stop your mail or digest (assuming you are a subscriber),
send a message to:
LYRIS -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM

Leave the subject line blank, and include on the
first line of the message:

Q: I stopped my mail using NOMAIL, and now I want regular mail.
What do I do?
A: To change back to regular mail,
send a message to:
LYRIS -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM

Leave the subject line blank, and include on the
first line of the message:

Q: I got digests, and now I want regular mail. What do
I do?
A: To change from digests back to regular mail,
send a message to:
LYRIS -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM

Leave the subject line blank, and include on the
first line of the message:

POSTING RULES FOR TECHWR-L (for Technical Communication issues)
Revised 21 April 2001

I strongly encourage everyone to read and understand these
rules before posting to TECHWR-L. TECHWR-L has nearly
5000 subscribers and many more readers, so it is necessary
to maintain a fairly tight definition of acceptable behavior.
Any list member may be removed from the list, at the
listowner's discretion, for flagrant or repeated infractions.
Additionally, if you are abusive to the listowner or other
list members, you may be removed from the list.

In addition to these rules, all users agree to abide by
the TECHWR-L Terms of Service, a copy of which is available at

Send all announcements, job ads, and similar messages to
ejray -at- raycomm -dot- com--do not post them to TECHWR-L directly.
What's an ad? See

CHECK THE ARCHIVES BEFORE POSTING! Archives are available at and at

* If it is about technical communication and of general
interest, post it.
* If it is about technical communication and original and
humorous, post it.

* If it doesn't clearly and directly relate to technical
communication, don't post it.
* If it is an ad of any sort, don't post it. Contact
ejray -at- raycomm -dot- com about the right way to advertise to
* If it relates to _language use_ but not technical
communication, it probably isn't appropriate.
Don't post it.
* If it relates to _computer use_ but not technical
communication, it probably isn't appropriate.
Don't post it.
* If it continues an irrelevant thread in any way
(rebuttal, rebuke, rerun, revision, remark), don't
post it.
* If it is a personal message to a single subscriber,
don't post it. Even if mail to that person bounces.
* If you aren't sure, don't post it.
* If it is a test message, do not post it. Ever. Contact
the listowner if you have problems posting or with your
subscription, or send a test message to
techwr-l-test -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com to check your mail settings.
* If it is something cute, interesting, or funny that
you found on the Internet (e.g. Dr. Seuss on Tech
Writing, origin of spam), don't post it. I assure
you that most readers have seen it already.

* Check your facts on anything you post. Do not under
any circumstances post virus warnings or anything else
designed to be "forwarded to everyone you know" to this
* Do not directly attack anyone for anything on the list.
Take issue with ideas, not personalities, and do
NOT point out grammatical, spelling, or usage errors.
This forum is not the place to exercise editorial
* Please make sure your E-mail address is included in
the body of the message you post to the list.
* If responses are sent to you--not to the whole list--please
summarize and post the entire summary back to the list.
* Ensure that all out-of-office responders are not returned
to anyone based on postings to TECHWR-L.
* Direct all commentary about this message to my
address, not the list.

Revised 31 July 1998


(Listowner's Note: The "thanks" notations are for the
contributions to the scenario, not pointed digs at
people who committed these infractions.)

You are in a large lecture hall full of people in your profession.
Included in the audience are students, educators, professionals.
You cannot make out their faces, but they could reasonably
include your employers or potential employers, your coworkers,
and the ever-present violently obsessive technical writing

Most of the audience members sit quietly as one member at a time
gets up, walks to the podium, and shares information or advice or
asks questions. Some of it is rich and detailed, some cursory but
helpful, some trivial but relevant in a roundabout way. Somewhere
in this stream of information, someone expresses an opinion or
gives a piece of advice that you feel obligated to respond to.

You get out of your seat and walk to the front of the room,
everyone's eyes upon you. ...

(Listowner's note: At this point, the paths may diverge.
Some of the following unfortunate cases have been played
out over the past few years.)

A) You approach the podium, clear your throat, and say "Me,
too." You are greeted with a combination of quizzical,
patronizing smirks and incredulous silence.

B) You relate that really good joke about Microsoft and operating
systems that you overheard at the restaurant last night. Some
laugh. Some wonder why you just now heard it. Many wonder why
you'd use their chance to discuss technical communication to
tell a old joke.

C) You take your turn at the microphone to clarify a point. One
of the previous speakers had mentioned, in the context of
developing and using context-sensitive, interactive help files,
that they used MS Word v3.0. Obviously, that's incorrect,
you clarify that they MUST have used a different version because
that one didn't even exist. Not only that, but the incompetence
of anyone who could make such a mistake is certainly astounding.
It only takes you about 10 minutes to impress upon everyone that
you know far better than the speaker what versions of Word
(You don't make any points about the issue at hand, but your
audience has already made their assumptions about your knowledge
in that area.)

D) "Does anyone know how much the cheapest Internet service
provider in Kansas costs?"

E) You replay the entire videotape of the MS Word v3.0 speaker,
including the introduction, the walk to the podium, and the walk
back to a seat. The quality isn't all that hot, but it's
important to make sure everyone knows the context in which you
speak. 12 minutes later, you point out that there is in fact a
version of MS Word v3.0 and you had used it once, briefly, but
didn't like it much and would always choose Frame. Furthermore,
anyone who uses any version of Word is a certifiable idiot and
if your company or clients require Word, you should quit and
find a real company.
You return to your seat satisfied about your demonstrated TW
proficiency and wonder about the copy of "How to Win Friends and
Influence People" that ended up on your chair. (Thanks to Jim
Barton for the initial suggestion and Arlen Walker for the

F) You take your chance at the podium to publicly mock the
pronunciation and diction of the three speakers before you, not
to mention their poor spelling on overheads. As you return to
your seat, someone passes you a note pointing out that one of
the three is hard of hearing, one is not a native speaker of
English, and that many people in the world don't see a problem
with spelling "defense" as "defence". Whoops! Oh, well, you
think, they'll get over it.

G) You walk up to the podium and say "I'm glad you all
finally stopped talking about that subject, because you were
wasting everyone's time. I'm so relieved we're not discussing it
any more." (Thanks to Tracy Boyington for this one.)

H) You reach the microphone and say the exact same thing that all 8
people before you have said because you didn't bother to listen
to them. (Thanks to Chris Boehm.)

I) You piously denounce the majority of subjects that have
been discussed thus far as irrelevant to the original
scope of the conference, berate the conference organizers
for allowing such irrelevancies to be introduced into the
dialogue, and announce that you will leave the auditorium
if discussion of such issues continues.

J) You complain that the seminar does not provide a wide enough
scope for discussion of your particular interests (which may
be of only cursory interest to a minority of people attending
the conference), accuse the conference organizers of promoting
censorship, and ask if anyone knows of another conference
organized by nonfacists. (Thanks to Bill Burns for these last

K) You try to leave the auditorium, but forget how, so instead of
looking for exit signs or asking the usher, you go to the front
and ask everybody. (Thanks to Lorin C. Ledger for this one.)

As you walk back to your seat, you try to make out the faces around
you. (Thanks to Lisa Higgins for the original scenario)

TECHWR-L Listowner

Eric J. Ray ejray -at- raycomm -dot- com


A landmark hotel, one of America's most beautiful cities, and
three and a half days of immersion in the state of the art:
IPCC 01, Oct. 24-27 in Santa Fe.

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