RE: the other one...RE: why people don't read manuals

Subject: RE: the other one...RE: why people don't read manuals
From: "Sean O'Donoghue-Hayes (EAA)" <Sean.O'Donoghue-Hayes -at- ericsson -dot- com -dot- au>
To: "TECHWR-L" <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 10:19:04 +1000

Dang it Tom! I'm from a country that tends to NOT feed from your trough -
appealing as it is with that swill of dollars so lucratively swirling

However I can see that an international group of technical writers could get
together and form a massive union, unified in getting more dollars for our
ailing industry - I mean think how many industries couldn't exist without

the air industry -

"hey Bob you know where this bolt came from?"

"which bolt?"

"This big one, and I got a couple of these curvy sprangle thingies as

"No idea, just leave them aside - I mean if they were meant to go on we
would have found the spot - we are engineers after all!"

"Bob, you are so right...still it would have been nice to have some
documentation to confirm...."

"God, you heretic! Engineers need no documentation!!! We don't want to go
back to the old days of Technical Writers clearly explaining things - mean
all our jobs would be gone.....if they hadn't destroyed each other in the
great Word Vs FrameMaker war of 2004..."

the fast-food industry sans documentation -

"so I just say have a nice day or hello, and you want fries with that"


"should I offer them a drink as well?"

"uh - oh yeah maybe...yeah that's a good idea"

"and the burgers are meant to be how big, with what ingredients?"

"well they should all be laid out for you, just grab the stuff from the
cupboard and start making them...."

~which is how a busy outlet began selling bleach and fish burger
burgers....that cleaning cupboard was right next to the tartare sauce

OF course such a universal union of technical writers would be the
industrial equivalent of the UN.....hmmm.....and the French wouldn't get
involved (American Cultural Imperialism)....and it would break up into
blocks on religious and regional lines, and racial lines and...........maybe
that international grouping of Tws isn't so great - besides as an
international org. the govt could all ignore it as not pertaining
specifically to their population.....

so back to plan thar Americans....find you congressman/woman, tell
them how "us" foreigners are stealing you jobs, and it is so un-American
that American children can't read instructions in American English....whilst
(get the Congress to pass a law outlawing that word if you like)...demanding
tariff barriers and greater guys have such a large swill
trough a little splash to the US technical writers should be easier to
gain.....then when you got that, each other country can demand similar
protections from our own governments....and the great tariff war, technical
writer pork barrelling begins....


regards and thanks,

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From: Tom Murrell [mailto:trmurrell -at- yahoo -dot- com]
Sent: Tuesday, 2 July 2002 9:49 PM
Subject: Re: the other one...RE: why people don't read manuals

--- "Sean O'Donoghue-Hayes (EAA)" <Sean.O'Donoghue-Hayes -at- ericsson -dot- com -dot- au>
> It is obvious from this article that the
> technical writers of America should band together, form a lobby group
> similar to the farming lobby, and lobby for govt protectionism and govt
> subsidies. Then you can keep your jobs and have your cake (salary) and eat
> it.

Given that Technical Writing is an international discipline and that
is an international list--as several list members have been kind enough to
remind us lately--I think we shouldn't limit our new lobby group. There is
nothing that I'm aware of in American aid policies that would limit
to American citizens. In fact, many non-Americans, people who have never
the USA, feed at our money troughs.

Subsidies for Everyone, I say! Writers of the World, Unite! You have nothing
lose but your Frames!

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