Re: Word XP, WingDings and an HP printer problem

Subject: Re: Word XP, WingDings and an HP printer problem
From: Isaac Rabinovitch <isaacr -at- mailsnare -dot- net>
To: techwr-l
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 10:42:12 -0800

Cassandra Greer wrote:

Please forgive me if you also happen to be on any other list that I have
posted this plea to!

Jeez, why do the people who post the really interesting questions always apologize for doing so? On the other hand... No, better not go there.

I am writing on behalf of a colleague who has just gotten a new laptop from
his company with XP and Office XP installed (he had W2K and Office 2K
before). The OS and Office are US (though with a German keyboard). The rest
of us
have XP and Office 2K (German keyboards, my XP is German but my Office is
We share the same printer, an HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL. In our Word docs,
we have been using that fat arrow (WingDing 216) that comes standard in Word
for a bulleted list with an arrow. When my colleage went to print out one of
the old docs, the arrow came out as a smiley face (WingDing 190) even though
the screen display and print preview was correct. He has tried everything we
can think of (driver update, encoding, WingDings PCL, ...) but the most he
was able to do was for the page to print with no bullets (despite what the
screen looked like). We haven't found any helpful sources.

Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

I think I have a pretty good idea what's going wrong. When a special character is inserted as a symbol, Word stores it as fontname-integer pair, the integer being the 8-bit index of the font. (For Latin 1 character fonts, the font index value is the same as the Latin 1 code -- commonly, but incorrectly, called the "ASCII value" -- for the character.) Obviously the character won't render the same way unless the original font is used to do the rendering. Apparently, your printer is using the wrong font. Difference in localization between print server and workstation? Configuration issue? I can only guess.

The first thing to try is change from font-substition (which is the default) to font-download. In the print dialog, click on "Properties", then on "Advanced". Find the "Graphic/TrueType Font" option and change it from "Substitute with Device Font" to "Download as Softfont". If that doesn't work, I might have other ideas.

Minor technical issue: are you sure your smiley is WingDing 190? On my system it's Wingding 74.

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