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Subject: Re: Building a documentation knowledgebase
From: "Gene Kim-Eng" <techwr -at- genek -dot- com>
To: "Mike O." <obie1121 -at- yahoo -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 17:25:12 -0800

"Mike O." <obie1121 -at- yahoo -dot- com> wrote in message news:...
> I agree, I think... The best way to get a group to use a new CMS is to move
> all their documents to the new system in the middle of the night, then send
> them an email containing the URL for the CMS and their new username and
> password. It's OK if you don't have the structure and the permissions
> perfectly worked out on Day One... you can make adjustments later. Just
> follow the sound of the screaming.

In most companies I've worked with, it's even easier than that, because the
existing release systems all involve the engineers, writers, etc., filling out
release forms and sending their files to Document Control. Retraining the
DC analyst/s was all it took to "implement" the new CMS. Training the
rest of the company to use the CMS wasn't any more of a pain than it would
have been to train them all to use the existing release system, since they'd
never used it. Changing from one CMS to another is an experience I've yet
to have, and I hope I never have to.

> Management also has to reinforce the new system. When their next deadline
> approaches, DON'T ask them to print or email the document to you... just
> keep growling in your best Irate Manager voice, "When are you going to check
> your document in?"

Check in, my *ss. Document "release" is complete when the broadcast
email announcing the availability of the doc is sent (either by DC or the
creator, depending on the system). The last thing you want is managers
handling the last step of the release process. You'd never see the @#$%^

Gene Kim-Eng

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