Re: Road Rage vs. MS Word Rage, is there a difference?

Subject: Re: Road Rage vs. MS Word Rage, is there a difference?
From: "Chuck Martin" <cm -at- writeforyou -dot- com>
To: techwr-l
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 09:50:22 -0800

"Peter Swisher" <pswisher -at- arisglobal -dot- com> wrote in message
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> So, my footer mysteriously disappeared and I clicked on MS Word's Help
> command. Remember the days when that would open a Help menu where you
> start navigating towards information on a particular problem? Well, those
> days are gone, apparently. The help now takes you to a page about the
> various help options available in MS Word. Think you Mr. Gates for putting
> another speed bump in the way of me actually solving my problem. Just
> some Product Manager or Technical Writer actually made the decision to put
> this speed bump there.
> From this screen I can learn that another screen exists where I can
> get the help I'm actually looking for. One of the options is that stupid
> Help cartoon. Has anyone else noticed that stupid cartoon ALWAYS waits 1.5
> seconds after you've selected to close it before it actually closes. My
> blood pressure always skyrockets while waiting for that blasted cartoon to
> close.
> Don't even get me on setting up bulleted lists in the Style dialog.
> If you can't tell, I'm working in a new environment where MS word is the
> preferred tool.
> Is there a Web site devoted to all the silly product decisions MS makes?
> find that highly entertaining.

Oh, and I was working on a presentation over the weekend in PowerPoint 2003,
the latest version. Not only was I not able to find what I needed in the
"Help," accessing it hit the Internet every time and it was troublesome to
find the index. (Wonder what would have happened if I wasn't connected; I
really find it annoying when products assume an Internet connection is

Chuck Martin

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