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Rowles, Carol [mailto:crowles -at- fnis -dot- com]
> I'm trying to get my company to pay for RoboHelp training. Due to the
> cost, you can imagine their reluctance. I am self taught and
> have been
> using Robohelp for 6 years, but I know there are things I'm doing the
> "hard way". I need feedback on the Basic/Intermediate training they
> offer.

[...] especially if you've used the product for a
> few years before attending the training. You can email me
> directly if you wish.

Don't you dare. I'm interested in this for much the same
reason... except that I've got only a few months with RH.

I really don't wish to spend my money or my employer's money
on instruction that will be either

- beneath me
- over my head.

I think that for much software training, there's a window
of opportunity, during which a new-ish user can still
benefit and get his/her money's worth. That window starts
at day one of software acquisition, and expires....
when, actually?

Yes, a lot of training companies offer Basic, Intermediate,
and Advanced courses, but it's painful to sit through a
Basic course when it turns out that you are "Advanced"
according to their curriculum. It's equally painful
to step into an Intermediate or Advanced course and
find out that you are up-to-speed on (maybe) one
third of the content, and have never even seen the
most basic aspects of the other two thirds (which you
would have gotten from Basic, but which you don't
use in your work and will forget in three weeks).

I'm also aware that many suppliers will customize
their presentation. That's fine for humongo companies
that can field a sizeable class of students who are
all at the same level. It's sorta moot for a company
that has a Customer Docs department of one (hi there!).

So, what's the scoop on Robo Training (tm) ??

Admonishments to avoid a provider or course are easily
as valuable as recommendations to sign up. Suggest away!


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