Re: PowerPoint2003 Autoshape Connector Points

Subject: Re: PowerPoint2003 Autoshape Connector Points
From: Dick Margulis <margulis -at- fiam -dot- net>
To: "Richard G. Combs" <richard -dot- combs -at- voyanttech -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 10:28:35 -0500

Richard G. Combs wrote:

John Posada wrote:

It must be nice to be the designer of the connection point feature to
make the determination that nobody would ever want to add additional
connection points to an autoshape.

[snip Michael's intervening response]

I might add. John, you're complaining that PP
lacks a feature that Visio has and you need. Your complaint is
understandable, but consider where it leads if the PP designers listen to
you... and to everyone else who has a similar complaint about some other
Visio feature that PP lacks: PP ends up the size of the current PP and Visio
combined and runs at half the speed (and stability, probably) of either.

Aren't we always complaining about how bloated Word is because its designers
have tried to make it all things to all people? :-)

That's all true, but it turns out that, as I wrote privately to John, PowerPoint indeed provides the functionality he was looking for; you just have to look in an odd place to find it. So the issue has less to do with feature bloat than with consistency of the interface. Given, however, that Visio and PowerPoint began life in different companies and that Visio is only a recent acquisition, this is not something I'd fault Microsoft for. (There's plenty to fault Microsoft for, especially with regard to PowerPoint; but this doesn't qualify in my opinion.)

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