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Subject: Re: What notebook did you buy?
From: Lou Quillio <public -at- quillio -dot- com>
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Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 20:12:31 -0400

Hi David,

You are either behind the times or stuck with Red Hat.

We're at risk of diverging too far from techcomm (so, nu?), but I think techcomms can be leaders in cross-OS work habits, and sometimes need to be for their own accounts. Hopefully Lisa B. will indulge.

To quote the Linux-NTFS FAQ:
" The Linux Distributions that are known to support NTFS are:
Mandrake, Debian, SuSE, Gentoo, Lindows and Caldera"

I _use_ linux-NTFS on Debian, and have run it on SuSE9, Mandrake10 and FC2 and 3 (Red Hat). The linux-NTFS project is not centrally maintained any more and hasn't been for a long while. Work continues, the code works, but it's in the wind going forward. Microsoft can monkey with NTFS whenever it likes and will, with Longhorn.

The upshot is that (duh) *reading* NTFS partitions from Linux is no problem for anybody. Writing to them is *not* advised, not by me. That's why I advise keeping data in the most universally r/w-accessible semi-modern filesystem, FAT32. Frankly, my WinXP install is also on FAT32. If NTFS were open and clean, it'd be an option. It ain't. NTFS, the only journaled filesystem readily available to Windows shops, is finally about lock-in.

Thus, you would still want three partitions, but one
of them would be Linux SWAP rather than data...and it should normally
be roughly twice the size of the system RAM.

Sure, and it's a tiny, extended partition created automatically by all popular Linux distros. BFD. Multiple partitions cost nothing, neither does reserving unpartitioned space. My point here is to give yourself some elbow room. I stand by that advice emphatically.

FAT32 filesystems can be read and written-to by Win, Lin and OS X without fuss. Pretty simple. In a multiple-OS scheme, keep your data there.

Even with a Mac G5, I would also want to be able to run Linux as well

You might, and you can. Many others will be able to scratch a future UNIX itch with OS X itself.

[Sheesh, didn't know there was something to win (heh) here. Just trying to be helpful.]

since so far as I know the Mac is not binary compatible with many
Linux applications at this point, even though its newest incarnations
do quite well running XWindows as well as their own (stunning!) window

Yes, X11 on OS X is quite robust. Running X apps that reside on my Linux box from the iBook "just works". Xterm, login, execute. From anywhere.

Not binary compatible? That don't mean nuthin' for purposes of this list. If I can create a Word doc or PNG image or Frame file or PDF on a Mac and distribute it successfully via The Network to a Win or Lin user (or vice versa), that's the end of it. Right?

If I had much of a choice in the matter, now that Apple is actually on
the UNIX bandwagon I'd run it, do *many* in the Linux arena,
particularly in laptops.

I be one of them. And it's not like Apple went UNIX last month. OS X was released in 2001.

In fact, if I can do without Frame on my next assignment, I would
seriously consider a Mac.

Go for it. Wanna borrow mine? Someone's earlier suggestion to run Frame6 under Mac Classic OS would probably be the most satisfying route.



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