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Subject: RE: Using learning theory to build learning documents
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Pro TechWriter [mailto:pro -dot- techwriter -at- gmail -dot- com] had the temerity to utter:

> Do you explain learning theory to your students, ever? I used
> to do that,
> and got all kinds of valuable insight from them to add to the
> "theory" part of it.
> If you apply my very simple "learning theory": read it, say
> it, do it, share
> it, well then, you would have text, sound, exercises, and maybe, what,
> mentoring of some kind, or an interactive area where the
> "learner" could add their own information to the text?

This would take HATTs to a whole new level...

> This is very interesting to think about. Me, I am a kinetic
> learner, leaning
> toward visual over auditory learning, except for music.

Is there an inexpensive, reliable way to find out
for myself what type of learner I am? Or what the
approximate weighting is for the styles that apply
best to me?

I mean, I have an idea... I could tell you my best
guess, based on anecdotal evidence, but if this is
a repeatable, scientific discipline, then there are
probably self-tests to be had, without going to some
guru and being assessed in person (for big bucks).

I tried a couple of on-line thingies, including this
one at

But they were based on answers to self-assessment questions.

I ended up with 6/5 or 4/7 splits for every spectrum,
meaning, I guess, that I am torn... that might explain
the blackouts and the other wardrobe... :-)

I'd like to see a real test, one that attempted to convey
some material via each of the various modes, then computed
a score (or scores) based on how the person actually

Anybody encountered anything of the sort?

Anecdote time:

When my wife and I were parachuting instructors, we had a
class that was entirely from a theatrical/performing group.
They were an eclectic, if not eccentric bunch. One, though,
was a little alarming.

Here we are, up front with our friendly-yet-authoritative
manner, crisp delivery, plentiful diagrams and physical
visual aids... and here's this bunch of rowdies joking and
carrying on and... in the front row, a guy has sprawled
across his seat, with his hand over his eyes and his head
on his girl-friend's lap.

After a couple of snide remarks from instructor about this
being life-and-death stuff, literally, and was everybody
paying _close_ attention, the girl-friend catches on:

"Oh, oh - c'est correct. Il est auditif!"

Her friend, she was saying, was primarily an auditory learner.

He did well when it came time for first jumps, so I
guess it worked for him.

I can understand him closing his eyes and relaxing, to
minimize other distractions, in order to concentrate on
the instructor's voice. What I can't do is picture what
went on in his head to integrate the incoming flow of
words to later comprehension of physical realities.
That's because I'm visual. I learn a lot from reading,
but I do a lot of translating incoming words into pictures
in my head. What was he doing?

Would I have served him better if I'd had recordings,
or had done really good vocal sound-effects for all the
situations he'd soon be encountering? Engine noise,
roar of wind as door opens, sound of parachute deploying...
Hmm. I'll never know.


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