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>> I'm 32 and have no use whatsoever for a mobile phone. I work from home,
>> the
>> "land line" works just as well. I don't want to be reachable at all
>> times.
>> My boyfriend thinks of his phone as a "leash" (he feels the same way as
>> me
>> about cell phones, but he needs his for work) I'm really surprised the

> I, on the other hand, got rid of my land line and only use my cell. Cell
> phones are only a "leash" if you let them be. They have > really cool
> buttons, like "Off". There's a setting for "Vibrate" so they don't bother
> anyone around you. You can even get a > message when you're approaching
> the limit.

I really didn't mean to offend anyone with my comments, I just wanted to
balance my negativity with some positive comments about gadgets I like.

I guess he feels the cell phone is a "leash" because he has to have his on
24/7 for work. Yes, it's his responsibility to work (he's a network
engineer), but getting awakened at 3 AM is just no fun! And the thing is
dying and it's just 2 years old! Planned obsolescence, I guess.

> I realize it sounds "counter-culture-luttish" to stand up and proclaim
> independance from it. However, it's only a tool.

I know, just like the land line. Heck, I'd probably get one if I got a job
where I had to travel an hour (most if not all jobs in the Chicago area, at
least if you live in the south suburbs!) I do take offence to the
implications of the "-luttish" comment.

I guess what I object to is the overabundance of advertising for cell phones
and cell phone providers, proclaiming the "fun lifestyle" a cell phone
"would provide" and the implication you're "out of it" if you don't have
one. But hey, that's advertising for you! It's just the cell phone stuff
is constant and everywhere. It's not even a matter of "turning off <insert
media type here>" because the only way to escape it would to be to live in a
cave. It's being drilled into our heads, second only to Geico ads. I
agree a phone of any type is a *tool* for me, not a "fun lifestyle device".

>> YOUR outgoing calls. My sister is 19 and has repeatedly
>> gone over her minutes and text messages in their "family plan".

> And no 19 year only has ever been responsible for an over-abundance of
> land-line charges?

Of course they have, myself included (however, I can't resist saying most of
that was calling BBSes - another "counter-cultish" sort of thing. I chatted
with my boyfriend on his board, more than talking on the phone - chatting
was much more private! :) )

> Repeatedly? There are multiple ways of keeping this under
> handing her the bill and shutting off her number until > she pays up.

She has had to pay the bill - and I have suggested to my parents that they
should shut off her number when they mention it - but their response is
"they like to be able to contact her at any time". Funny thing, when I
first met my boyfriend, after chatting with him on his board, my parents
made me call on the hour every hour - with pay phones. I was so embarrased.

>> I however, adore gadgets, I adore researching gadgets, I adore figuring
>> out
>> and using the gadgets I buy. MP3 players (Cowon iAudio and an iRiver
>> (iPods

> So good gadgets are those you like and bad gadgets are those you don't.
> Got it.

No, that's not what I mean, good gadgets I don't have to pay for someone
else using them, and bad gadgets I do (re: paying for incoming calls when
the land line I can receive them for free.) Yes, one needs to purchase CDs
(or buy at iTunes if that's what you like) to load one's MP3 player, but I
like having the tangibility of a CD. I buy a lot of CDs!

Actually, when cell phones first were coming out, I thought they were cool.
Then I found out one had to pay for incoming calls, and that was a total
deal-stopper for me. My mom had one of those huge ones for the car, and my
boyfriend had one of the small ones, and he used to call me on the way home
from my house and that was cool (he had free weekend minutes, and he lived
an hour away, and yes, talking on the cell phone while driving is bad, but
we were young and stupid. :) ).

Again, I did not mean to offend anyone with my comments, and I apologize.



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