Why I send these out -- was Re: Here's another winner - guess the pay

Subject: Why I send these out -- was Re: Here's another winner - guess the pay
From: "William Sherman" <bsherman77 -at- embarqmail -dot- com>
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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 16:01:14 -0500

Why do I bother?

To help you, to help me, and to help many I have no idea if they are even reading this.

I have to assume that like most forums and email lists and such, there are many lurking that we never hear from. Often, people who lurk do so because in their minds, they feel not worthy or too inexperienced to offer anything of value.

These people are the very ones I want to reach.

I want them to know, when they feel like they really aren't worth much and maybe that $10 an hour offer is all they see, that this is a ridiculous wage and no one who is a tech writer with any experience should consider it.

I don't want them to think they are worthless, and once they have a $10 an hour, they will feel worthless, stuck in a hole, and will not ever see daylight again.

Even CareerBuilder thinks the average wage is $33 per hour, according to an article today. That means there are as many making $44 per hour as making $22 per hour. If someone is making $10, then someone has to be making $56. Or else there are 10,000 making $35 and only a handful making $20 or below.

The problem with the modern job market is everyone stresses the confidentiality of wages. This is not to the advantage of the worker, but the company. ACME Company can hire 5 writers in at $10 per hour and then one at $40, all doing the same work, with the $40 guy maybe helping and fixing the others as long as no one knows. But as soon as those five discover they could be making a lot more than $10, they will be trouble.

Many take jobs never knowing they are taking well below what they could or should be taking. Ignorance is not bliss, it is damaging. It hurts our economy, it hurts the workers' self esteem, and it hurts everyone else because if ACME can hire 5 more guys at $10 an hour, how long do you think that guy at $40 will last? The first layoff and he is gone!

Then all of you will be in a market of $10 per hour. Too many think you do nothing a third grader didn't learn as it is. Allow the job to be done for $10 per hour and you support that very belief. At $10 per hour, you are nearly a minimum wage worker, worthy of little respect from most groups. But at $40 to $50 per hour, and you are a professional that commands more than a little respect.

If this sounds a bit like organizing and the unions, it is. Yes, there is corruption and there is often unfair protection of worthless people, but this was how you got to work 40 hour weeks, this is how you didn't get fired for being sick and actually got sick days, this is how you got vacation, this is how you got some security in work with seniority. If you don't stand up and help your fellow tech writer, eventually everyone will fall.

This may seem like it is only about one place offering a $10 per hour job, but it only takes one crack in the dam left ignored for the whole dam to eventually fail.

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These insane lowball jobs show up all the time, everywhere, but especially during bad times. I think some of them are company ignorance, some of them are gouging by agencies and some of them are just contact harvesting.

It's not worth the emotional effort getting all frothy at the mouth over these. Yes, rates are falling, but real companies with real work pay a living wage. Delete and move on.



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