Readers who don't read

Subject: Readers who don't read
From: Michael Hollinger <MCHOLL -at- TSRV1 -dot- TS -dot- WM -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1993 10:50:58 EDT

> > <ENTER> after each command.
> ... (2 lines)
> > Enter the command in the format
> > shown by these examples:
> > A(nswer) 3 will allow you to answer message 3.
> > D(elete) 2,5 will delete messages 2 and 5.

I use Word Perfect (simply the best!) to help me get around this in a
round about way. Rather than use paranthesis, I point the rest of the
word in a style that reduces further text to about 8 pt. Furthermore,
I give explanations of what I'm doing in a style that is much smaller
than the example (but in the example) that is set off by paranthesis.
Let me explain (and watch, you'll read only the example!)

To create an MSDOS subdirectory:
MakeDir <NAME>

Where the ake ir are about half the size.

The key to all this, of course, is CONSISTENCY, which I will admit I
have seen great lapses of in some work...

MCHOLL -at- TSRV1 -dot- TS -dot- WM -dot- EDU (o o) Michael Hollinger, esq.
And we'll have fun, fun, fun, til Daddy takes the keyboard away!!!!!
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